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NOTE: Mr TeaBag is a guest Conservative Contributor  🙂 to this Progressive Website!

Oh I hear all these worsey liberals wanting to repeal the Bush Tax
! Just look at all the great job growth we had since these Tax
Cuts where put in place! No it isn’t the end of the world if your job was shipped overseas to China! You can get a job by joining the Army and go to Iraq and search for WMD! That is if you are not a welfare queen. So hurry up the slots are limited and the time is running out thanks to the job killing President Obama who wants to end this enterprise!

Middle Class Americans should stop whining that their jobs are being shipped overseas to China. After all it is the rich not the middle class that are the “producers” in this society! They work so much harder than you and me! They are so much smarter than you and me to make such great “innovations” that advanced our economy like “derivatives”! They have to make decisions like:

  • Should they ship my computer job to India or China?
  • Should they ship blue collar jobs to China, Mexico or maybe Vietnam where they still have all those dominos lying around!
  • Should they make a matrix with some  blue collar jobs to Vietnam while some go  to China! Also where do the white collar computer jobs go in this matrix!

This is all to complicated for me! My social betters are so much brighter at these things!

That is why they sent our young men in the 1960’s and 1970’s to fight in Vietnam while they made money! Now that we showed them we can invest in Communist Vietnam and China! The middle class invests it’s young men to die in Vietnam and the corporate class now sends it’s stock investments to Vietnam! Let’s all stand and sing “The Republican Corporate Internationale”! When the Chinese latter take our technology and become a threat to us our social betters will be there to invest their untaxed capital back from China and Vietnam into American defense contractors while middle class Americans can invest their sons and daughters in the military!

This is a win –  win solution! Only elitists like Obama and his tofu eating, tree hugging, fellow travelers would believe differently!

Keep The Bush Tax Cuts For The Rich

Heck 47% of US households don’t earn enough to even pay federal income tax! I guess that is because nearly the majority of Americans work for small business! These workers should be grateful since they don’t have to pay federal income tax! Besides if they were overpaid like those in larger corporations then their jobs would be off shored! Competition is good! Only worsey limp wristed liberal whiners are afraid of competition!

I am just so proud that I have the “FREEDOM” to walk out my door each day to compete for jobs against Chinese and third world nations while my social betters can walk out each morning to their mailboxes and get their inherited millions in dividend checks! But they don’t just get income from million dollar inherited estates! No they work as executives and they EARN in one day what I have to work a year or more and they are entitled to it!  They create such useful products as “derivatives” and job off shoring! They assist Iran and China in acquiring American military technology!

Well maybe if those worsey liberals would give them a bigger military arms market at home then they would not have to sell our technology off shore! Jokes on you pinko liberals! Guess what is going to happen when China gets stronger and poses a threat to us? Ha Ha we will then have to reward  investors with domestic contracts! But why shouldn’t they make a profit? They are Global Corporations! And anyone who says they shouldn’t is against FREEDOM!

Despite the way we mistreat our social betters look at how they help us!

They contribute to political candidates to keep America FREE of commie union  pinkos! I am just so proud that when I purchase gas for my car, pay high interest rate credit cards or pay my health insurance premium I am assisting my social betters to fund their freedom loving K – Street operations. My entitlement is to subjugate my interests to the  interest of the CORPORATE COLLECTIVE!

I just love Rand Paul!

By letting the top 2% –  the “producers”, keep more of their hard earned money we can have the satisfaction of knowing they can invest more in China! This is the patriotic thing to do! After all the top 2% deserve what they earn. That is their entitlement! Middle Class Americans need to know their place! Instead we hear these worsey tofu eating, home oh loving liberals with the ideas that OSA, Social Security and medicare are entitlements! Damn! Middle Class Americans you should  Know your place! We don’t need any of these to be free!

So what if we then finance those tax cuts by not extending unemployment benefits to those American middle class blue and white collar workers whose benefits are ending this December!

When I worked for AIG in the 1980’s we had each December what was called “re-org”! Ah yes December in AIG was that festive time of the year when we took stock of being productive so we could best serve our social betters! Some lost their jobs even in those good times but it was to serve the Corporate Collective!

That is what “freedom” is all about!

The worsey era of Franklin Delanor Roosevelt is over!

FDR said that “men who act from necessity are not free men”! He was wrong! Our social betters know what is best for us!

By extending the Bush Tax Cuts for the top 2% and letting unemployment benefits run out, these slothful workers can learn the “FREEDOM” that comes from serving the corporate collective at lower but productive wages and “compete” on a level playing field with Chinese workers!

Now Obama and his tofu eating pinko friends are thinking about raising the taxes on our social betters!

They will only make the rich more fearful!

I would rather work a few more years before retiring by raising the age for social security so that my social betters can have their well deserved tax break and live without fear!

I would rather loose my job and my house than have my social betters fear of getting a tax on their millions! I would rather they cut Medicare and live in fear of not getting my medical needs met than let my social betters FEAR an increase in their taxes! –  After all they work so much harder than me! I wouldn’t even know what a derivative is!

I am just so PROUD that my social betters (our nation’s producers) have FAITH in me to compete against Chinese low wage blue and white collar workers that I want to reciprocate my FAITH in my social betters!

Under President Eisenhower, back in the good ole days of the 1950’s we had a Progressive Income Tax of 91% and yet we still had millionaires! I want to return to those days because I have “FAITH IN MY SOCIAL BETTERS” AND I WANT TO RETURN THEIR FAITH IN ME TO SURVIVE IN COMPETITION WITH FOREIGN WORKERS!

We need to end the politics of fear! That is why we should not make our social betters fearful or they being the producers will ship high tech white collar jobs and blue collar jobs overseas!

Just like we don’t want to make rich boys like George Bush “fearful” that if they finish their mandatory enlistment duty in the National Guard they might have to serve with Gays! I don’t blame Bush for not finishing his National Guard term as he might have to serve with a Gay guy! That would be scary for a warrior!

We have to take “fear” out of politics and anyone who says differently is an elitist!


Mr TeaBag 🙂 is a conservative  guest contributor on this otherwise liberal website! To see more of his writing visit: (political satire with paradoxical intention) 🙂

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