Republican Smear Obama As Playing Race Card

Joe Lieberman, who is John McCain’s side kick, sided today on MSNBC with McCain that the Britney Spears ad was not a smear! What gives me a laugh is how Senator Lieberman down plays this ad, saying “we should take a step back and have a laugh”! Yet Senator Lieberman does not laugh when Senator Obama jokes about being not being like the Presidents on our dollar bills! YO LIEBERMAN Obama is only joking dude! Get a gripe on yourself! Senator John Kerry delivered an excellent rebuttal to turn coat Joe Lieberman. (See Video below). I just wish Senator Kerry could have been as forceful in the prior presidential election!

What is not a joke is how Republicans try to smear Barrack Obama. Calling him elitist! Yeah right McCain’s wife is so rich from her beer company holdings she could treat the whole world to some rounds! No I am not attacking her. She is a great woman and with John McCain they have adopted an Asian child to raise as their own. I just wish Senator McCain would be the Senator this Non-PC Democrat respected from years ago when he was a maverick!

What Senator Obama is pointing out is how the Republican smear machine will try to scare Middle Class Americans:

  • With his name – oh my God Barrack Obama does not carry the name of his slave master from before the Civil War!
  • That he likes health foods! Lets stand up for Trans-fatty acids!
  • By falsely accusing him of being a Muslim. Yes I know McCain is innocent of that but not his fellow travelers in the Republican Party! See the Video bellow
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(Above is a video from John McCain’s fellow travelers in the Republican Party)

What I find disgusting is that Democrats do not stand up and howl from the rooftops! They seem to think that the American public cannot be scared by these tactics. Well I am not a politician so can state what I really believe. The public is frequently as stupid as they can get! How can some idiots actually believe Barrack Obama, even with his middle name, is a Muslim? Haven’t they heard about Reverend Wright? I believe it was “Newsweek” which coined the term “informationally challenged”! I believe a better term is just plain stupid!

However today there is slowly a new force rising in the American culture! After years of allowing the upper class to term themselves “The Producers” the Silent Majority is now awakening and even the Democrats are joining this new stream of consciousness! It was predicted during the Vietnam War era by a book called “The Greening of America”. The author called it “Consciousness Three”! I will call it


This occurs when our Silent Majority finally awakens to the fact that we live in a stratified society and that “we” the Middle Class are “the producers” not the small upper class! Why should we call the economy successful while our jobs are being shipped out of America while CUT AND RUN Corporations forsake their American identity to now self style themselves “Multinational Corporations”? Slowly it is dawning on the Silent Majority that it is not just blue collar but white collar jobs that are being lost. What ever jobs cannot be shipped overseas by these CUT AND RUN Corporations are now increasing being filled at home by H1-b Visa workers at lower salaries to undercut the job market of college graduates!

We cannot afford to allow the Republicans and their fellow travelers in Corporate America to scare the Silent Majority any longer! God Bless the Middle Class. God Bless America!

Vote For Barrack Obama!

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