Can Democrats Get In Touch With Their Inner Plebeian

Remember when Democrats were talking about letting the Bush tax cuts for the rich die out instead of repealing them immediately? Now they have morphed into such wimps that they may keep them for the rich for years or permanently! Then again it was in those same early months of the Obama administration that we had the National Pork Bill passed. Obama even said it was filled with pork but that it was created by Democrats before he took office! Great leadership Mr. President!

Denying The Rage Of Our “Inner Plebeian”

Some Democrats are still suffering from “Obama knee-jerk syndrome”!

What is “Obama knee-jerk syndrome” or OKJS?

“Obama Knee-Jerk Syndrome” is when you fail to get in touch with the rage of your “INNER PLEBEIAN” and instead try to make believe the bull shit coming from Obama, Reid and Pelosi is “Change We Can Believe In”. This failure to get in touch with the rage of our inner plebeian can be on an individual level or even on a collective level as in the case of! That organization pushed us liberals to back these wimps who call themselves Democrats else we would experience the second coming of Ronald Reagan!

I voted for the Green Party instead. You see there is a price you have to pay for not getting in touch with the rage of your “INNER PLEBEIAN”! That price is an enthusiasm gap! I don’t suffer from a lack of enthusiasm for “Change We Can Believe In”. I just have no enthusiasm anymore for Obama, Pelosi or Reid. I refuse to suffer from Obama Knee-Jerk Syndrome!

In the video below Keith Olbermann and his guests debate how Democrats just don’t seem to have any testosterone!

I would particularly wish to draw your attention in the video clip above to Senator Charles Schumer! He proposes that we keep the middle class tax cuts but also extend them to those who make up to one million! He says this way only millionaires and billionaires will pay while the rest of us keep a tax cut.

Well I disagree! I am getting in touch with my INNER PLEBIAN and the rage I feel! No Senator Schumer these are not mere millionaires you are protecting. These are people who have an ANNUAL INCOME of just below one million dollars not a net worth of one million dollars! Might I suggest that Senator Schumer take a CONTRIBUTION CUT from the banks and Wall Street financial institutions!

Keith Olbermann and his guests don’t understand that the prime issue must be to stop corporate interference with our elections –  period! Once a constitutional amendment is done the rest will take care of itself!

The Inner Plebeian Vs. The Inner Pugilist

Rachel Maddow did an excellent show segment concerning Democrats not having the guts to fight. She then humorously played psychotherapist and invited Democrats to “get in touch with their inner pugilist”. I applaud her presentation. What I am discussing her is an extension of that.

The reasons Democrats are not succeeding are:

  1. We need to be more aggressive! Or as Rachell Maddow says “to get in touch with our inner pugilist”!
  2. We need to break out of “playing progressive” inside the confines of the corporate sandbox. Yes corporate campaign contributions must be addressed and their influence on Democratic Party politicians.
  3. We Democrats are “making believe” that Obama’s stimulus was strong enough – it wasn’t. We have to stop making believe Obama hasn’t also taking corporate contributions!
  4. Making believe class warfare isn’t taking place when it is. FDR wasn’t afraid to stand up to this. He talked about the “economic royalists” and “organized money”. Current Democrats and that includes Obama are on the payroll of organized money!

The only way to do all fourof the  above is to get in touch with our “middle class consciousness” or our “inner plebeian“! I don’t want us to get in touch with our inner warrior to then go out and defend Obama’s behavior as “Change we can believe in”. That is because Obama has been a failure not simply because he is not a fighter but because he wants us to be liars and make believe. That is a painful realization but it is essential.

Until we stop corporate interference in our elections the Democrats will only “play progressive” inside the boundaries of the “corporate sandbox”. Yes I agree with the humorous campaign by some to call the Republicans “Republicorp”! But the sad truth is Democrats are playing liberal inside the confines of the corporate sandbox! Where is the call for a constitutional amendment? – “MEOW”!

Democrats Need To Connect With Rage Of Their “INNER PLEBEIAN”

Just look at how Democrats are allowing golden opportunities to just past them by:

  • The Mitch McConnell Cut And Run Mistake
  • Republicans pushing for tax cuts for the rich while jobs go overseas and the rich earn the profits.
  • The recent Supreme Court ruling giving corporations more power to influence our elections and tax us via the costs of their goods and services to finance their Corporate Agendas!
  • Right wingers talking about second amendment solutions and the Texas Governor playing with secession talk! What happened to law and order?

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Where the hell is the RAGE!
  2. Are Obama, Reid and Pelosi dead?
  3. Why is it ok for Republicans to play the birther card, the race card, the patriotism card and the “gays are coming to get you card” but we cannot throw the class warfare card?
  4. Go ahead be honest now… really you can take it! Is this “Change We Can Believe In”?

Sorry don’t blame me if your bubble burst. No even if you go hug a tree  and chant the Obama mantra of “meow” your INNER PLEBEIAN is standing there next to you! You have to face your INNER PLEBEIAN!

Don’t deny the RAGE of your Inner Plebeian it will not go away. Don’t let Obama, Reid and Pelosi take you to worship at the Temple to Joe Lieberman’s Ass!

Bernie Sanders and Howard Dean For President and VP In 2012!


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