Republicans Attack Science And The Constitution

Fox News recently reported that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had told it’s employees not to talk to reporters! Even worse they also barred them from talking to Congressional Investigators and even their own departmental investigators! I applaud Fox news for actually breaking it’s loyalty to the Republicans and reporting this! This blogger loves to use “Republican Speak”. You know that self righteous lingo which is the cultural pollution of our American Heritage by those who put their CLASS INTEREST first. Oh my God look what I just said! Well let me not simply attack this arrogance of the Bush Administration but use the delightful” Conservative horse shit lingo” that their ads use against Democrats and anyone who does not support their upper class agenda!

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We live in an era of “licentious permissiveness” where law breakers who serve the interests of the Corporate Class can snub our laws while the BLEEDING HEARTS of the Republican Party and their fellow travelers in the Libertarian Party do nothing and even condone their actions! This incident with the EPA is just one of many with the Bush Administration has performed! Yet our wimpy Democratic Party leadership does nothing! They hope that by winning the November election they can then simply undo the results of the Bush years. When will they learn the “Lessons of History”!

The wimpy Democratic Congressional leadership is aiding the Republican attack against our Constitution by not fully investigating and confronting:

  • The EPA for it’s disgraceful behavior in censoring science and lawful compliance with Congress.
  • Former Attorney General Gonzales,
  • Karl Rove,
  • The Intelligence Apparatus that got us in this war, When will we learn if Bush sent us to war for his own agenda!
  • The rampant Cut and Run Corporations who evade our tax laws by setting up phony Head Quarters in small tax haven nations.

The Democrats are perpetuating a culture of Licentious Permissiveness whereby future Administrations, both Republican and Democratic, will feel confident they can avoid responsibility when violating our laws and Constitution! Where the hell is Nancy Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid when all the above took place? Why haven’t they done heavy investigatory open hearings and filed contempt citations? Congress has the Constitutional right to even stop the Supreme Court from arbitration of these differences with the Administration! Is it any wonder that Republicans get away with painting liberals and Democrats as “Wimps” in the war on terror when the Democrats are such wimps in politics?

The news media are partially to blame for this! They frequently demonstrate pro-conservative biases yet the Democrats, being the wimps they are, never point it out! By referring to the “Administration” as the “Government” they build in the public’s eye the right of the Administration to not testify before Congress! George Bush does not have the right to secrecy from Congress! Yes I realize there are some cases where executive privilege is needed so the President can get unhindered advice! But this incidence with the EPA is not only ridiculous but part of a pattern of law breaking following by Chronic Wimpy Impotence from the Democratic Party leadership!

Sure the party leaders feel they can avoid confrontation by just wining the November election then right the wrongs of the Bush administration the following year. However they need to learn the “Lessons of History”!

When Adolf Hitler said that “In the moment of crisis he became the Supreme Judge for the German people” the Germans found themselves forever living in a “State Of Crisis”! By being WIMPS, not standing up to Bush and his fellow travelers, the Democratic Congressional leadership is setting precedence that a future Republican or even Democrat President can use to undermine our Constitution and way of life! God help America!

In this era of licentious permissiveness the Silent Majority of America, our great Middle Class, must stand up and demand the Democrats stop being such weak little wimps and put George Bush in his place! Is it any wonder Republicans get away with painting the Democrats as soft on terror when the Democrats are acting as such wimps!

Make the EPA do it’s job and stop undermining science!

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