Yet More Pro-Conservative News Media Biases!

It seems that CBS, that great bastion of liberal news media biases, if you were to believe the ever whining Republican right, has edited their coverage of John McCain so as to not reveal perhaps one of his “senior moments”! Senator McCain seems to have misplaced the time line of the “surge” and a political deal with an Iraqi Sheik! What is worst is that CBS seems to have covered it up. (See Video Below).

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What I find even more troubling is that Democrats have repeatedly pointed out that much of the reduction in violence is due to political wheeling and dealing with the various Sunni Sheiks and even militias (Sunni and Shiite) that were once shooting at us! However having such militias is inconsistent with a democracy if that is our goal! But then again we have Black Water there in Iraq and sometimes even on missions in the U.S.

Ah yes we send our troops to die so that:

Government of the Militias,

By the Militias,

And for the Militias will not perish from this earth!

The Democrats keep getting flak when they point out that our goal posts, for the Iraqi Democracy that the Republican SOCIAL ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT is supposed to achieve, keep getting lower and lower! Then the Democrats where attacked as unpatriotic and unsupportive of our troops for not crediting them for the reduction in violence! As if the changing of the militia’s allegiance had nothing to do with it! Aside from the fact that the surge is working but it isn’t the issue (see the following post) we are left with some questions!

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  • Why is CBS showing pro-conservative news media biases? Just imagine if they edited Obama’s interviews!
  • Why is McCain getting away with the myth that he is ready to govern this nation? To be kind he was not having a “senior moment” with the truth that is just a “Republican moment”! Remember “Mission Accomplished” folks?
  • Why isn’t the media pointing out how this occupation in Iraq, after five years has not produced results similar to Germany after the fall of the Nazis?

The time has come for Democrats to stop being such God damn wimps and really take on the Republicans and PRO-CONSERVATIVE NEWS MEDIA Biases! By being such wimps on campaign issues they become prey to Republicans smears that Democrats cannot defend America! A wimp is a wimp! Americans support those who talk back! No more John Kerry style campaigns and swift boating!

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