Democrats Letting Republicans Get Away With Iraq

I was one of those who were for the Iraqi War with the “Mission” that our Congress in deliberation set as the goal! We won the war and our President, who never finished his own National Guard obligation, then declared “Mission Accomplished”! Now our President, who doesn’t want to follow the goals that Congress committed our troops to accomplish under “a strict constructionalist” interpretation of our Constitution, instead wants to accomplish a different goal. Bush and his fellow traveler John McCain, want to wage a “One Hundred Year” War in Iraq while the opium crop surges in Afgahnistan! These wild eyed Republicans want to commit our nation to a vast Social Engineering Experiment while the sales of Afghan opium production SURGES to swell the treasury of Al Qaeda Central in their border homeland on the Afghan – Pakistani border! John McCain seems to have a problem not only understanding the difference between Sunni and Shiite but where the Al Qaeda Homeland is!

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(McCain demonstrates his Presidential abilities – oops! See Video above)

Yet Senator Obama and the Democrats seem to be getting mired in the quicksand of a peripheral issue! That “issue” being the effectiveness of the Iraq Surge! I am not running for political office! I can speak the truth and not care where that leads me! The answer is clearly, yes the surge is working but who the hell cares! That’s right who the hell cares! Everyone knows that the Al Qaeda Homeland was in Afghanistan under the Taliban until we overthrew the Taliban Government. Now they are in the border regions with Pakistan plotting more attacks against our homeland! The old Soviet Union, which had no problem using firing squads to eliminate rebels, could not win in Afghanistan. Since we cannot afford to loose in Afghanistan shouldn’t we end the social engineering experiment in Iraq!  We have accomplished our Congressionally mandated Iraqi mission! Let’s deploy all our resources on the War on Terror instead in Afghanistan and the border regions of Pakistan! Our cities could be at stake!

Instead the Democrats allow the Republicans to define the battlefield on this political issue! If John McCain and his fellow traveler Joe Lieberman desire so much to prevent genocide why not forget about Iraq and turn to Darfur? (See the Video Below)

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Again I repeat, WHO CARES IF THE SURGE IS WORKING! If we our so concerned about a potential bloodbath what about the already existing GENOCIDE in Darfur!

If we were to invade Jordan then add more troops, a similar surge would also work there too! That does not prove a Jordanian invasion and occupation mission is in the interests of the United States of America! The military does not decide that for America! The President and Congress decide that! The military is to provide the “means to achieve our ends”! The Republicans had better learn the “Lessons of History”!

The Democrats had better learn not simply to “answer questions” but to DEFINE THE QUESTION and ISSUE! Instead we hear Obama answering questions like, what would you do if the conditions on the ground changed?

My answer again is WHO THE HELL CARES! Besides “Mission Accomplished” according to George Bush!

The Iraqi Government wants us out and they are Shiites! Al Qaeda is Sunni and Al Qaeda blew up the most holy Shiite site! The Iraqi’s can take care of the issue better then us with that special Mideast way of dealing with their enemies! If Al Qaeda does find some safe areas then that is what we have “shock and awe” technology for. Well that is unless our CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS don’t sell it to our enemies!

While John McCain and his side kick Joe Lieberman worry about Barrack Obama saying he would “talk to the Iranians”, the Baghdad government our troops are dying for in Iraq is talking to and even visiting Iran! Oh well but then so are Halliburton and General Electric! I guess the Republicans have no problem if stock holders make a profit while our brave troops loose life and limb!

If we are so worried about a “potential” blood bath in Iraq why are we not worried about an “ACTUAL GENOCIDE” in Darfur? Perhaps Senator McCain and his side kick, Joe Lieberman who is constantly at McCain’s side, can answer that! Besides the threat to “our homeland” is not from Iraq but from the Al Qaeda homeland on the Afghanistan – Pakistani border!

In this era of licentious permissiveness ( I love using Republican speak) when wild eyed SOCIAL ENGINEERING EXPERIMENTS in Iraq are causing a “surge ” in economic problems in our homeland the Silent Majority demand that Bush follow a “strict construcionalist” interpretation of the Congressional Mandate in Iraq that he was given. America’s Middle Class has had enough with Bush and the CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS that deal with Iran!

Barrack Obama For President!

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