Pro-Conservative News Media Biases against Obama

I am sick and tired of the whining effete snobs of the Republican Party who attack Barrack Obama for being one of the few who wants to win the War on Terror! John McCain and his fellow travelers in the Republican Party attacked Barrack Obama calling him “inexperienced” when Obama stated we cannot allow Al Qaeda to grow uncontested in their mountain redoubts on the border. Barrack Obama stated that if Pakistan would not act he would! Now it seems the Bush Administration is coming around to Obama’s inexperienced ideas! To bad CBS does not give Obama credit though they do stick that annoying ad for the first 15 seconds of this video. It’s not mine folks and I will not embed from CBS in the future except to show their Pro-conservative news media biases! (See the Video below)

Yet the news media allow McCain to make stupid charges against Barrack Obama that he would fight the War on Terror in the courts! Barrack Obama took a lot of heat for his statements several months back that he would attack Al Qaeda in their Pakistani border santuary! He took attacks from John McCain and Hillary Clinton, yet the news media don’t seem to care about giving Obama credit when it is due! In the video below which documents Senator Obama wanting to fight the real War on Terror a long time ago,  we see right wing Sean Hannity “then” saying Obama was to much a firebrand! Sean’s co-host takes him to task! Today most forget that it was Barrack Obama who wanted to fight the real War on Terror in the Afgahan – Pakistani border region. (See Video Below)

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Oh the whining if this had been in reverse! Yet the Democrats don’t have the guts to point out how the news media can also serve the conservatives. But then again the Democrats are so spineless that they have not Impeached George Bush for lying about the War. Nor have they arrested Karl Rove for Contempt of Congress! One again I ask this!

QUESTION: What is similar to Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and why?

ANSWER: George Bush’s completed service record in the National Guard! Like Iraqi WMD neither can be found!

The Silent Majority of Americans, our great Middle Class, would love to see the spineless Democrats stand up to these effete snobs of corporate class privilege and the news media that cowers to them!

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