Republicans Do NOT Support Our Troops In Iraq

We hear the whine from these wild eyed advocates of the Neo-con SOCIAL ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT in Iraq that the Democrats are against our troops! These bleeding hearts of appeasement to Corporate America that continues to trade with Iran, while that nation sends supplies to kill our brave troops, do not even have faith in our troops! The US State Department uses Backwater to protect embassy staff rather than fully using our Marines and Army.  (See Video Below that lists an incident over a year ago that still has not been corrected)

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When Democrats point out that this is a civil war and that much of the recent reduction in violence was the result of low level diplomatic talks with Sunni Militias to have them switch sides, the Republicans then said that the Democrats where trying to demean our troops. Yet it has been over a year now since a report from NBC News stated that we are not giving our troops the latest in body armor to protect them! (See the video below)

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Not to mention the scandal concerning Walter Reed Hospital and our injured veterans, nor the recent attempts by Bush and his fellow travelers in the republican party to limit benefits to our troops!

In this era of licentious permissiveness where the effete snobs of corporate America do business with Iran, trading valuable technology that can be used against our brave troops, the time has come for the Republicans to learn the lessons of history! Profit must not be allowed to come before our troops!

Yet George Bush, John McCain and their fellow travelers continue to attack Barrack Obama for saying he would first “talk” to Iran. Apparently it is alright for Halliburton to have a subsidiary in Iran while it profits from the War in Iraq and General Electric was not stopped when they sold valuable technology to Iran! The type of “talking” that benefits the effete snobs of the “Corporate Class” is perfectly permissible to John McCain and his mentor George Bush!

The time has come for America’s Silent Majority, our Middle Class to stand up and say NO to those who say politics ends at our shores but corporate profits do not!

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