Work Longer And Delay Retirement To Support The Rich

It is bad enough that the Republicans want to destroy social security but now the commission appointed by President Obama wants to raise the retirement age, cut Social Security cost of living increases, cut Medicare and make college student pay more for student loans. Then again you have to wonder why college kids should have to pay anything with all the hot air we have concerning the need for education in this globalization economy and off shoring!

I BEG you to listen to this speech by President Franklin D. Roosevelt below!

Ask yourself why don’t current day Democrats quote this speech and make it their our cry? Could it be they are too weighed down with corporate contributions and resign to “Play Progressive” inside the confines of the CORPORATE SANDBOX? FDR spoke about the evils of the “economic royalists” yet his sound advice is not known in this era of corporate democrats! As I hear him I feel I have reclaimed my heritage as a Democrat and even more as an American!

The reason why Republicans are so brazen is not simply that they have won the House back but because Democrats can only “play” progressive inside the confines of the CORPORATE SANDBOX! Republicans know this! In prior posts I have quoted how they could not get elected in this media savvy age without heavy corporate financing! I listed sources for key Democrats including Barrack Obama! But wait the fun has just begun! Now the Supreme Court has defined corporations as persons! They can go on a spending spree!

Will Obama Stand Up To His Own Commission And The Republicans?

Can you hear that pathetic Obama “meow”? When will Progressives go on the offense and warn Obama that he can be dumped in 2012! I am one of those who believes he should but more on that in another post!

The words of FDR are as relevant today as they were in his era! I wish President Obama would listen. President Obama has not pushed “Change We Can Believe In”. The issue is not that Obama faced the party of no but rather that he lead Democrats to be the party of “meow”! The issue is he resigned as campaigner in chief!

What is worse is that many could loose heart. That is what conservatives want! Below Keith Olbermann tells it like it is concerning Obama’s Commission. But if you have time for only one video PLEASE listen to FDR above in this article. I also list an FDR short speech on the top right if you have the time.

We need to stand up for the Middle Class! We have to confront certain fundamental issues that Democrats are to weak to discuss! Democrats will whine in terror of raising the issue of Class Warfare yet allow the American Middle Class to be called non-productive. Not to mention it is fine for Republicans to divide us by race and sexual orientation! In this era when Republicans will attack the accomplishments of the New Deal that saved the middle class and wimps in our own party wish to become their fellow travelers, we need to face up to this fundamental issue below!

FDR And The Economic Royalists Of The 21st Century


Sure we want to create incentives. We “permit” the market to do it’s thing but then comes the time for reality!

Some will say that the rich produce jobs! Well how come 47% of American households earn so little they are below the threshold to pay federal income tax! No the better jobs are in the civil service or unionized or both! Some islands do exist in the private sector but they are being off shored and that includes white collar jobs! This is not a blue collar issue anymore! Ask any computer programmer!

Sure we want to give executives incentives. But even our nervous system has a balance with a “parasympathetic” and “sympathetic” nervous systems. We have “arteries” but we also have “veins” to return the blood. We in the middle class have to many negative incentives while our social betters enjoy only the positive incentives! Sure we all want to be millionaires and I do not object to those who contribute to our society attaining that status over some years or a  lifetime! We don’t want to get into setting the salaries of each employment niche. Thus our society suffers some to make millions per year! But the time has come to realize they did not fully earn it!

Worse is that many on the top (not all) point the finger at the middle class and insist that:

  1. We are not productive enough and thus  ship our jobs overseas.
  2. Bringing in foreign H1–b workers to lower the salaries of high tech workers is fine since America does not have enough technically skilled employees. –  Bull.
  3. College kids should have loans at a  higher interest rate. After they steal the jobs these students study for they whine Americans don’t want to take the harder subjects in college. They whine that “Atlas Shrugged”. But burden “Atlas” with higher loans and interest.
  4. Middle Class Americans should work longer on a daily basis and over a life time to support our social betters! – No way!
  5. The most pressing issue of our time is to give tax breaks to these effete snobs of privilege. Naturally liberals who don’t agree are “elitists”! Democrats are such wimps they allow the label to stick. Remember how they labeled Obama an “elitist”? His response, “meow”!
  6. Health Care is a privilege not a right! We have lived our lives to serve our purpose! That is to serve our social betters!

By following their elitist policy the members of the American Middle Class lose their “Individual Freedom”. We are to lives of servitude to the CORPORATE COLLECTIVE in the service of our social betters!

President Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “men who act from necessity are not free men”!


Sure we want incentives but if you are middle class and have “SELF RESPECT then you must question why anyone should be earning more than triple your salary without a cure for cancer, heart disease or aids!

Middle Class Americans – The Silent Majority have incentives too! Fear of losing our homes, our jobs and our health care! Time for the elites to “share our incentives”!

But don’t worry Obama’s response to his commission will be a firm “MEOW”!

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