Has Obama Meet His Waterloo?

Barrack Obama said today that our children should learn to speak Spanish! Well why not my grandparent’s language which was Italian? Why the racism that puts Spanish over my grand parent’s native “Italian? My grandparents insisted that no one should learn Italian until the fourth generation as our family would then have been totally assimilated! I am sick and tired of the RACISM that every American is subjected to when we use an ATM machine.

“Press 1 for English and 2 for Spanish”!

Excuse me Senator Obama this is America! My grand parents had to learn English, and they were legal, why should we be subjected to this RACISM that makes Spanish the equivalent of our national language? (See Video below)

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I remember when Hilary Clinton was considered the inevitable candidate to win. However the issue of then NY Governor Spitzer’s desire to grant driving licenses to illegal aliens came up in the debate! Hillary Clinton did the classic double speak and she went downward from that movement forward. I believe Barrack Obama has meet his Waterloo if Republicans sieze on this! But then again John McCain wants to fight a one hundred year war while our borders remain wide open and his corporate friends profit from cheap labor!

I do not blame the ILLEGAL ALIENS in our midst for this bi-lingual crisis. The problem lies with an unholy coalition of business interests, some Hispanic political groups and the Roman Catholic Church. I would even grant illegal aliens amnesty so long as:

  1. It is called that and not “earned citizenship” as it is not earned when my family in Italy has to wait while these illegal’s cross and break our laws doing so!
  2. The borders are locked down and certified as such by a committee headed by Lou Dobbs!
  3. Those who hire illegal aliens are prosecuted!
  4. English is declared the “Official” language of the United States with special status accorded to Native American Languages!
  5. No ballots are printed in any language other than English and no one would be eligible to take the naturalization oath until they can read, write and speak fluent English!

I believe Americans demand an end to the racism that propagates this bilingualism over the culture of other ethnic groups that have come to this country! Senator Obama had better wake up and stop this elitism! He has shown great promise now he seems to be undermining his candidacy! By the way I am a liberal Democrat who was first for John Edwards then for Barrack Obama! But I am 100% percent against “politically correct liberalism”! Senator Obama’s statements give me pause to reconsider supporting him!

The time has come for America’s Silent Majority to stand up and take our nation back from these effete snobs of PC Liberalism on one side and Corporate Collectivist Republicans on the other!

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