Iraqi’s Want Time Table For Withdrawal

Why does the news media not have a field day with the Iraqi Prime Minister’s recent announcement that his government wants a “time table” for American troop departures! Gosh golly that is what the Democrats want also and Barrack Obama has not yet even visited Iraq so he could get one of those staged photo opportunities that the Republicans create when they go! No doubt the Republicans would see  Iraqi Prime MinisterAl Maliki’s desire for a withdrawal time table as a “Democratic Party Conspiracy” if Obama had visited Iraq first!

The above video,from MSNBC’s Keith Oberman Show, really hits the point! John McCain is a flip flopper! He said we should leave if the government of Iraq says it is time to go! Well they want us to set a departure date and schedule! They apparently do not believe that doing so is telegraphing the enemy. What does it take for George Bush and his fellow traveler John McCain to get the message, “Mission Accomplished”!

As the opium grows even higher in Afghanistan and our out numbered troops can do nothing to stop the profits from this drug crop supporting Al Qaeda in their home bases of the Afghanistan – Pakistan border region, John McCain continues to divert our nation’s attention from the War on Terror to the War in Iraq!

How long must our troops die in Iraq and our national economy run to the ground in order to continue this Republican Social Engineering Experiment! Why isn’t the news media declaring the hypocrisy of John McCain? Maybe the media isn’t the tool of the left that these right winger’s say it is!

The time has come for America’s Silent Majority – our great Middle Class to stand up and demand that our government return to the solid financial principles of the Clinton Administration, with their balanced budget and even surplus budget, instead of the wild eyed interventionist Iraq Social Engineering Experiments of these effete snobs of the right!

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