Kudos For “Maverick” General Wesley Clark

I am sick and tied of the Democrats being such God Damn WURSTS! General Wesley Clark spoke the truth! General Clark stated that “Being shot down is not a prerequisite for being President”! Senator Obama seems to be apologizing to John McCain for the General’s remarks! My advice to Senator Obama is, stop being John Kerry Wurst! If the opposite of what General Wesley Clark is true then Senator Obama is not qualified to be President as he was not shot down in combat nor even ever served in the military!

General Clark did not demean Senator McCain’s military record. (See the video above!) He simply pointed out that McCain’s experience shows courage and loyalty but his military experience does not grant him the “Decision Making capability” characteristic of successful Presidents! He did not even say John McCain lacks those capabilities only that being shot down and made a prisoner does not confer that quality!

President Bush was not shot down in combat so therefore under John McCain’s reasoning George Bush lacks the requisite to be President! Naturally George Bush acquired the capabilities for Commander – In – Chief while he performed his desertion from his National Guard required duties! Funny isn’t it that the news media never goes after George Bush for not presenting a full account of his service record in the National Guard. (See Video Below)

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General Clark did something which I believe is long overdue. He stated that he also came home from war in a stretcher after being shot several times. Yes folks and he is a Democrat! So what next is John McCain going to play a neurotic game of “My War Wounds were worst than thine”! John McCain should stop his God Damn whining! Just because he showed courage he isn’t the only one. Well naturally how can we compare Senator McCain’s courage to George Bush who cannot even complete his National Guard commitment despite being pushed ahead of the line to get into the Guard so he could avodi the Vietnam War!

For those of you to young to remember that is when we fought to preserve the likes of General Ky who said “Adolf Hitler was his hero”! Funny isn’t that John McCain’s wife just recently visited Vietnam! This despite the fact that we were told leaving Vietnam would be the greatest disaster to American honor! I would imagine then that Senator McCain would be against the current wave of CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who are investing in Vietnam!

But here we see the difference between Republicans and the Jane Fonda’s!

While the Jane Fonda’s are apologizing to the enemies of America like Vietnam and China, Republicans see things differently! Republicans and their fellow travelers, the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS , see the enemies of America as INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITES! What next beer shipments to Vietnam? McCain talks about what would happen in Iraq if we left yet there is ALREADY a genicide occuring in Darfur but does anyone care? If Vietnam was so important then why is McCain’s wife visiting there and shouldn’t we stop “cut and run capitalits” from making a profit from trading with a country that we believed was so important to defeat! 

General Clark like John McCain also returned home on a stretcher! America’s Silent Majority – our Great Middle Class do not see General Wesley Clark as loose cannon! NO GENERAL WESLEY CLARK IS SIMPLY A “MAVERICK”! He speaks the truth!

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