The Congressional Majority: Use it Or Loose It

So we lost the House Of Representatives! From the way future House Speaker John Boehner is talking you would imagine that Republicans have a “mandate”. Not so fast tan man. I suppose that Nancy Pelosi had a similar mandate to shut the government down to end the War in Iraq after the 2006 Election?

We should not get to mad at John Boehner after all he does have some welcome testosterone! Why didn’t Nancy Pelosi assert the Democratic Party mandate when she took over as Speaker of The House two years before Obama? Why didn’t Obama assert himself after he won the Presidency and we had a huge majority in both Houses of Congress? So how is that turning the page thing working out for you Mr. President?

Below Ed Schultz takes Obama to the woodshed!

Some will say, “Oh my God the “Replicorps” have won”!

No they just unseated the “Demo-Corps”. If we Democrats don’t believe that corporations are people then why was Obama, Reid and Pelosi sitting down with the Insurance companies and striking a deal to remove the Public Option? Why doesn’t the Financial Reform Law strike down “usury”? That’s because many of our leading Democrats got large campaign contributions from them and thus can only “play progressive” inside the Corporate Sandbox! We need to get the Progressive Agenda out of the “Corporate Sandbox”!

Corporations Practice “Taxation Without Representation”!

This is taxation without representation in the service of the “corporate collective”. When I pay my insurance premium I am financing these elitists who take part of that money and use it for their special interest K-Street lobbying. This is against my interest! Where is the Tea Party? I thought they were against “Taxation Without Representation”.

Don’t blame the Republicans fully that cheaper Canadian pharmaceuticals cannot be imported. The Democrats locked the border on cheaper drugs from Canada. Yet it is fine to import lead infected Chinese products! Oh yes this is “Change We Can Believe In”. I am fed up.

If Obama doesn’t shape up maybe we Progressives should back a Bernie Sanders –  Howard Dean ticket in 2012!

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