Rand Paul Tea Party Nazi Bullies Should Man Up

I was utterly disgusted by the actions of members of Rand Paul’s entourage when they knocked a frail young woman to the ground then a Rand Paul aide stomped her head with his foot on the concrete! The poor woman was a member of MoveOn.Org who was trying to present Rand Paul with certification from “Republicorp”. The fact that she was trying to satire him is no excuse for the vicious attack on her by several men.

This must be is an example of ole fashioned “Southern Chivalry” to a woman! Perhaps Rand Paul believes this action is alright because it took place on “private property”. We might not like such actions but who are we to tell anyone what to do on “private property” after all to deny his staff to act by their wishes would be an assault on “FREEDOM”. Well that is what Rand Paul basically said when the issue was the Civil Rights Law.

Ed Schultz goes rightly ballistic on this. See the video below and Ed Schultz points out that there was a police man present.

This is an example of how the Republican and their minions of the Tea Party have a “sense of entitlement”! They then use the Freudian defense mechanism of “reaction formation” and “projection” to accuse liberals of fostering and planning violence when they are the ones who talk about “watering the tree of liberty with blood” and walk around holding guns.

They accuse Barrack Obama of being a Nazi when they don’t call him a Communist. Their reduced mentality prevents them from realizing that these two ideologies are on the opposite ends of the political spectrum. But what the heck they accuse President Obama of being a Muslim while at the same time they rant about Rev. Wright yet never address the issue of their darling Sarah Palin with her literal witch hunting Paster Mufftee.

After you view at least the incident section of the video above take a look at this short one below then decide if Obama or the Tea Party are closer to being Nazis!

The Republicans And Their Tea Party Fellow Travelers Sense Of Entitlement

While we cannot stop every possible incidence of this despicable behavior from occurring, none the less the event at Rand Paul’s rally is indicative of a deep seated “sense of entitlement”. This arrogance they refuse to man up to but instead project on to others.

Examples of their “Sense of Entitlement”:

  • Michelle Bachmann and her ludicrous statements about watering the “Tree of Liberty” with blood. –  Oh the Republicans have suffered so much.
  • The Republicans with their talk about the upper 2% percent being the “Producers” while the American middle class –  our great silent majority, toil to make them rich. Like anyone actually “earns” the right to make in one day what an American blue collar or white collar employee must work a year or more to obtain!
  • Sarah Palin and her minion Christine O’Donnell whining that the news media are biased for asking  them simple questions! They are “entitled” not to condescend to answer!
  • Sarah Palin’s relation to the Alaskan Independence Party and her “right” not to be questioned about it. Imagine if Obama had a relationship with a Black separatist group?

I am an Anglican not an atheist. But this Nazi like “sense of entitlement” of  conservatives has a relationship to their fundamentalist religion. Killing in the service of “correct belief” is perfectly ok in their world order! They are “entitled”.  Please view this short video below.

Funny isn’t it that our nation has coincidentally  turned it’s attention to the problem of youthful bullies! This incident at the Rand Paul rally is an example of bullies  who never grew up.

The Bully Must Be Stood Up To And Obama Has Not Learned This

President Obama is partially responsible for this incidence because he has allowed these Tea Party nut jobs to go on and on with out answering them forcefully. Yes I know many of my fellow Democrats will say that Obama is a victim but I have had it with him not standing up to month after month of this “pairing of Liberalism with weakness”! This is a vital lesson that we older liberals have learned from the Nixon and Reagan years.

Learn this lesson and learn it well!

Republicans have forced liberals to take a new self definition. That of being “Progressives” instead of the older term “liberals”. We liberals have allowed conservatives to successfully accomplish the following equation in the public’s eye!

“Liberal = Impotent

Yes sometimes in the past we liberals brought it on ourselves by being masochists. Barrack Obama is going out of his way to prove the Republicans correct!

Remember when Howard Dean gave his so-called “scream speech”? God the news media made him out to be unfit for office. Now we have a Democratic President and we talk about Obama’s lack of “MOJO”. I thought Howard Dean gave an excellent speech and I was furious at the news media for their biases. I bet most Democrats now wish that Howard Dean would have run in the primaries in 2008. I hope he does in 2012!

The point is you cannot walk away from a bully! Obama has been a role model for the conservative image of liberals as weak and this invites abuse. YOU MUST STAND UP TO THE BULLY! By not standing up to the Tea Party Obama feed their ““sense of entitlement”.  Obama is partly to blame for the MoveOn.Org activist being attacked at the Rand Paul rally! No I don’t hate Obama. I just wish he would do a Howard Dean scream!

If you follow this blog then you know I have consistently labeled Obama, Reid and Pelosi as the “Troika Of Impotence” and the “Charge of the Castrati Brigade”! I stand by that. Many of you who are older will no doubt be laughing by my deliberate use of right wing terminology but in the service of the liberal and progressive agenda.

Progressives must use potent lingo and not allow our ideals to be defined as  “weakness”. Americans like “action figures”. We must not allow Obama to be a “role model of impotence” that invites an election defeat or a woman to be beaten by Nazi Tea Party bullies.

Conservatives are striving to create an NLP imprint in the silent majority’s pscyhe:

“Change We Can Believe In = Impotency”

No that is not true. Rather Obama = Impotency!

I have no respect for Obama if he is not going to attack these nut cases!

  • Mr. President it is time to stand up to your bullies!
  • Mr. President this is NOT “Silly Season In Politics” rather it is the emasculation of your Presidency by the right wing. We on the left cannot allow the emasculation of the progressive agenda!

The time has come for the Silent Majority to stand up and take back our nation from these effete snobs of privilege!

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