Obama Whining To Base: Stop Enthusiasm Gap

President Obama is blaming the Progressive base for the enthusiasm gap! Obama has said that “it is irresponsible for Progressives to sit on the side lines”! Well Mr. President maybe if you took your head out of Senators Joe Lieberman’s and Olympia Snows a*s (censored by Google rank algorithm) then maybe the base would have enthusiasm for you today! As a Progressive I think I will enjoy seeing a “Speaker John Boehner” fight Obama with the House’s constitutional power of the “purse strings”! President Obama will then say his pathetic classical line this is “silly time in politics”.

No Mr. President trying to make the American people believe that your lackluster fight is “Change We Can Believe In” is the real “silly season in politics”! Just watch “Speaker John Boehner” next year as he has no problem bringing this country to a crisis using the constitutional House power of the purse strings! Nancy Pelosi could have used the House’s power of the “purse stings” to end the right wing social engineering experiment in Iraq two years before Obama even took office! Unfortunately our party is lead by wimps while the Republicans are not! But then again those nice fat corporate campaign contributions that Democrats receive from corporations makes them “play” liberal inside the corporate sandbox that organized money provides for them!

Below is a video of a real Democrat, President FDR as he used the Presidential power of the bully pulpit. This same power that Obama forgot about until the last week. Since FDR the Democrats have allowed corporations to effect their votes. What ever happened to Canadian drugs being shipped to America while our jobs are shipped overseas?

FDR mentions the real enemy! That being the forces of “Organized Money”! The problem today is that Democrats have become “Corpocrats” and Progressive groups like MoveOn.Org are falling for the line to stand behind Obama! FDR welcomed the hatred of Organized Money while Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Schumer and Dodd became wimps and “played liberal” inside the Corporate Sandbox of Organized money. Please listen to FDR below! If Obama spent the last 18 months talking like FDR then there would be no “enthusiasm gap“!

Why Obama Caused The Enthusiasm Gap

President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are the troika of impotence! Oh sure I will come out to vote for non-progressive Democrats so:

  • We can have two more years of Nancy Pelosi protecting George Bush from congressional investigations concerning how we got into Iraq and who is making money from that war! Speaker John Boehner will have no problems launching endless investigations of Democrats!
  • We can call “Change We Can Believe In” as having two more years of no action on job creation and allow those remaining jobs, both blue and white collar to be shipped overseas! Wow Obama has suddenly realized people are hurting!
  • Celebrate so called financial reform that has no usury laws in the bundle! Thanks to Senator Charles Schumer and Chris Dodd! Are we Democrats or “Corpocrats”?
  • Listen to the Tea Party steal the populist message of defending Main Street from Wall Street!
  • Watch wimpy corporate sponsored Democrats do a song and dance about the Bush Tax Cuts when we should be going back to the days of Dwight Eisenhower who had a 91% Progressive Income Tax! No one contributes to society to justify a 23 million dollar compensation package while the President only makes $400K. I guess we value corporate decisions higher than national policy!
  • Watch as corporations start to use their new Supreme Court endowed power as “persons” to make direct political ads when the Democrats should be fire breathing for a constitutional amendment!

No President Obama I will not vote for the non-progressive Democrat for Congress from my district. Why not ask Goldman Sachs to bail you out with more campaign contributions? What scares me is that many Progressive organizations are cow towing to Obama when they should be standing up for liberal anti-corporate values! Below is a video of the “Young Turk’s” that sums it up best.

Obama Needs To Stop Whining About The Enthusiasm Gap

Progressives are not whining! The issue is not simply the weak laws that were passed but how Obama has become such a wimp and not used the Presidential bully pulpit! Don’t talk to me about the Health Care Law being a “starter house”!

The real issue is corporations placing our democracy in their sandbox! When will we have any real reform? When Democrats have 130 senators in a Senate of 100? Obama’s fault is that he has not used the bully pulpit as FDR did and ATTACK ORGANIZED MONEY!

If we Democrats do not take a stand then the corporations will have succeeded in placing, not only our party, but our Democracy into their corporate sandbox!

If you cannot vote for a Progressive Democrat I urge you to vote third party or use a write in vote for John Stewart! But do vote just don’t vote for a Republican or a Corpocratic Democrat!

The forces of organized money must be stopped. But voting for a corpocrat is not the answer even if it means we loose both houses of Congress!

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