The Audacity Of Impotence – Charge Of The Castrati Brigade

Barrack Obama cared more about the support of Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson then the progressive base that elected him. The Democrats could really show up the Republicans now by forcing a vote on the Middle Class Tax Cut but all we hear is their pathetic “MEOW”! Now we are supposed to save him and Harry Reid. Harry Reid the guy who took loads of money from the Health Care Industry. And you wonder why we don’t have single payer or even a public option! Blance Lincoln, was another winner from this special interest. See the link above to

If Obama had the courage to advance “Change We Can Believe In” then he would have called out his fellow Democrats on this. But then again those nice dollars Obama got from Goldman Sachs have placed him in the corporate sandbox! President Obama was the 2008 top recipient from Goldman Sachs. Is it any wonder that Democrats can “play” progressive but only within the confines of the “CORPORATE SANDBOX”! Isn’t it time for President Obama and the Democrats to enable our Republic to break out of the corporate sandbox and enact a constitutional amendment to keep corporations in their place outside of the financing of elections! We need to protect “FREEDOM” by placing the corporations in the sandbox and unleashing Democracy out of the corporate sandbox.

I could not agree more with Cenk Uygur author of the  show, “The Young Turks” concerning how the Democrats are becoming such wimps!

I don’t mean to imply the President Obama is dishonest. Far from it! As I mention in a prior post due to the costs of campaigning both Democrats and Republicans have to take money from corporations and we need to fix that! We need to fix that while still allowing large sums to be spent on issues. Hey it’s our democracy and campaign financing is worth it to protect the decision making process of our society.

By all means Corporate CEO’s should be invited to talk before Congress. Let them spend their money on nifty slide show presentations before Congress rather than stuffing Congressional Campaign chests! Let the decision making capacity of our democracy be swayed by the brilliance of their “elocution and argumentation” rather than the money that they force us to pay for their K-Street operations via higher costs of goods and services and/or reduced employee compensation.

The time has come to end “Taxation Without Representation”! This occurs every time I buy gas or a product that I need only to have part of the proceeds go to serve the political agenda of organized money! Where are the Tea Party people protesting this form of “Taxation Without Representation”?

But then where are my fellow Democrats? Can you hear their pathetic mantra of “MEOW”? Led by Barrack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi!


I did not vote for “Change I can believe in” to witness 18 months of total pathetic wimphood!

I will ALWAYS vote. But if my local Democrat congressional candidate  is not a progressive, and mine is not, I will vote Third Party or write in “Michael Moore”!

Voting for Non-Progressive Democrats is a vote for:

  • Two more years of kissing Joe Liebermann, Ben Nelson and Blanche Lincoln’s butts. –  Oh yes this is the “Change We Can Believe In” that I voted for! –  No way! I hope every non-progressive Democrat looses if they are running! Obama you are next if you don’t change!
  • Democrats voting to block pharmaceuticals from Canada while allowing countless blue collar and white collar jobs to be off shored. Can you hear the loud sucking sound? Special thanks also to the Clintons for this!
  • Making nicey while Republicans slander President Obama. At this point it is no longer my concern for Obama but only that he is the titular leader of my party and he is being attacked constitutes an attack on my values. If Obama does not have the guts to say these Tea Party people are nuts then he DESERVES what he gets!
  • Standing still while the corporations continue to wage war on “individual freedom” in America as the Supreme Court decision goes unchallenged. Oh yes the Wimpocrats will have some minor bills passed but that is not the same as a Constitutional Amendment!

I will not sit back and allow Obama, Reid and Pelosi to dictate to the Middle Class that our only choice is Republican control of the Congress or two more years of WIMPHOOD! If voting third party or a write in vote for Michael Moore results in a Republican victory then so be it.

The reason why some liberal political commentators want you to continue to vote for wimps is because they cannot face the fact that Obama, Reid and Pelosi are WIMPS! For us to accept this pathetic 18 months of  wimphood would be to redefine “Change We Can Believe In” and allow conservatives to pair “impotency” with “liberalism”. If you haven’t noticed this has been their favorite game since the 1960’s. Better to allow a Republican victory than to loose hope in the Progressive Agenda! Two more years of this krap is not “Change We Can Believe In”!

If the Republicans try to privitize Social Security Obama’s response will be:

“Well can we talk about this! Come to a compromise”! “Why this is just silly season in politics”. No Mr President believing that the last 18 months constitute “Change We Can Believe In” is the real silly season in politics! If Obama failed in every legislative goal but was in full campaign mode addressing the power of “organized money” in destroying our democracy then I would count him at least as a winner! At least then he would still be an advocate of “Change We Can Believe In” instead of playing “progressive” inside the corporate sandbox!

I have had enough! Time to kick Republican butts! President Obama are you on board with the people that elected you?

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