Governor David Paterson Kneels To Pope

Today durning the papal visit to the World Trade Center New York Governor David Paterson knelt and kissed the Pope’s ring! While it is perfectly fine for the “regular citizens ” who preceded Governor Paterson to do this, no elected official and certainly not the “Head of the Sovereign State of New York” should kneel to kiss the Papal ring! I believe he has violated the principle of separation of Church and State!

Please don’t misunderstand me! I believe Pope Benedict is a very good and noble man. I am a liberal Anglican and would kneel and kiss the Pope’s ring if I had the honor of being presented to him! But when you are the Governor you represent a SOVEREIGN people!

Many of you may remember when Mrs. Regan was presented to the Queen and she refused to kneel! Nancy Regan as First Lady may or may not have been under the ban but certainly the President and Governor are banned from doing this as they represent our nation and state respectively!

I was very impressed by the Pope and his warm German accent! He is an old man who has dedicated his life to peace and the betterment of humanity. Governor David Paterson can be forgiven for his lapse but should be reminded by the press!

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