Christine O’Donnell Witchraft (UPDATE)

Sarah Palin’s fellow traveler, Christine O’Donnell has some more questions to answer. What I find amazing is that she said she was on a “satanic altar”. This is not a practice of the  positive religion of Wicca but some really dark scary stuff. Wiccans are not satanists! Except of course to Christian fundamentalists who do not make a distinction between witchcraft and satanism. From my reading on this subject a woman is “used” to lie on the altar naked while a satanic priest performs the black mass. Yes this occult but not Wiccan but as Christine O’Donnell says in her own words, “satanic”!

In this ritual the Catholic Mass is performed in a mocking manner in which the prayers are said in reverse and it is sexual! While she has not stated what exactly she was doing on that altar I am sure it was not sermonizing about the evils of masturbation. Even Carl Rove thinks she is far out.

Again imagine if this had been Barrack Obama who had said this!

Democrat Progressive Political Talking Point

Why not try to drive a wedge between her and Fundamentalists on this issue? Also between her and Catholics. Now that she is no longer into these strange things what does she believe about Catholics? Many Born Again types think the Pope is the anti-Christ.

Democrats should smell red meat here! Certainly Bill Maher does as he released his video after Christine O’Donnell won the primary! I don’t mean to be harsh on Christine O”Donnell we all did things in our youth. But this is a woman whose guilt is causing cognitive dissonance between her prior actions and her current religiosity! Her defense mechanisms are to lash out at liberals in a self righteous manner.

But Barrack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have formed a “meditation” circle to deal with the Tea Party and Christine O’Donnell. You can hear their meditation mantra repeated over and over again.

MEOW….MEOW…. MEOW! You know the Mantra of “Change We Can Believe In“! Now they want us the Progressive Base to save them!

If Christine O’Donnell were the “live and let live” type then I would just chuckle. But she deserves to be condemned. Do we want some one in the Senate who believes there are mice running around with fully human brains? But then again we do have mice running around with fully functioning human brains. President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. They cannot stand up for the values of the base that elected them!

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