Why Not Elizabeth Warren As Consumer Czar

I am glad that President Obama is going to push for Elizabeth Warren to set up the new Consumer protection Agency. My question is why doesn’t he just appoint her to head the new agency? I know many will think this is part of some grand strategy to get Republicans to accept her for a minor post then use their vote to corner them when he goes to appoint her to be the new Consumer Czar. But I doubt it. This President will compromise on anything and every thing.

Barrack Obama: Impotency you can believe in!

I don’t mean to confine that to just Obama as Democrats are running to the hills because they spent to much time kissing Joe Lieberman’s ass. Now they lost the momentum and the Progressive base. Senator Lieberman now wants to extend the Bush Tax Cuts to our social betters. Why shouldn’t he as they paid into his campaign chest very well!

Elizabeth Warren should be our Treasury Secretary as well as Consumer Czar. Oh dear that would make the Republicans so angry and Barrack Obama doesn’t have the guts to stand up to these nut cases! Oh yes this is “Change We Can Believe In”!

Elizabeth Warren’s Greatest Hits from MoveOn.org Official Channel on Vimeo.

If you listen to the short clip of Dr. Warren above you can see that she is a perfectly sane and wonderful choice for Consumer Czar. When will Democrats have the guts to stand up for progressive values?

I urge you to vote but if your Congress person or Senator is a wimp like our President then I urge you to vote Green or Socialist or for some other Progressive third party candidate. So what if Democrats loose the House they apparently don’t want to do anything with it anyway?

When the Republicans use their control of the House to subpoena Obama and his administration maybe Obama will finally learn that letting Bush off the hook was the wrong thing to do! Maybe Nancy Pelosi will learn that she was wrong in not trying to impeach Bush when she had the chance!

Some will argue that Social Security would be at risk!

I hope the Republicans come out of their corporate closets and do attack middle class programs like social security and Medicare. Then we can rally the base to support SOCIAL DEMOCRATS not these pussies we have in office now.

Besides Obama will still be President even if we loose both houses of Congress!

But then again with Obama he will try to compromise even on Social Security! I have had enough of Obama, Reid and Pelosi. We need some fire in the belly! Vote for a third party candidate even if it means we loose both houses of Congress if your official is not a true progressive!

Maybe then we can have “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN”!

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