McCain Saved By His Puppy Dog Senator Lieberman

As has been reported Senator McCain does not seem to understand the difference between Shiite and Sunni! You know the two largest groups in Iraq that are at each other’s throats with us in the middle! Senator McCain was saved by his “puppy dog” Senator Joe Lieberman who corrected him in front of the cameras!

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Remember some years back when many cars had small toy dogs in the back window! The head of the puppy would rock with the movement of the car in a “YES” fashion up and down! I dare you to watch Senator McCain as he always seems to have a smiling Senator Joe Lieberman with him! Nod your head up and down turn coat puppy dog Joe!

Gee what is it that Senator Lieberman is after with McCain and his pro Iraq strategy? No doubt I am sure he is interested in having McCain stop this nonsense about Iraq and instead help the starving people of Darfur who ALREADY have a genocide occurring in their homeland! So nice of Senator Lieberman to be against genocide now isn’t it! Then there is Chad and even Kenya which is heading in that direction. No doubt Senator Lieberman and his fellow traveler John McCain are so concerned about genocide that they just plain forgot the difference between “potential” and “REAL” genocide!

But then again after 4,000 deaths of American soldiers you would think Senator McCain would know the difference between Sunni and Shiite. Senator McCain did your puppy dog Senator Lieberman have anything to say about Darfur and the genocide that is occurring there right now?

Was it “NEVER AGAIN”! Perhaps it is ok to forget when the puppy dog wants to be Vice President!

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