Senator McCain Soft On Terrorists

John McCain has been critical of Barrack Obama saying that he lacks experience. He faulted Barrack Obama for saying that he would bomb Pakistan and “that you don’t telegraph your intentions to the enemy”! Well aside from the fact that Senator McCain wants to continue the Republican wild eyed social engineering experiment in Iraq, he seems to not understand that Afghanistan is growing bumper crops of opium that finance the Taliban and their fellow travelers Al Qaeda. What’s even more troubling is that Pakistan’s President has stated he does not have the resources to fight Al Qaeda Central which is located in his country. Senator Barrack Obama has stated that if Osama Bin Laden where located and the Pakistanis would not act then he would with surgical precision to kill the man responsible for 9-11. What are we to do wait till Al Qaeda strikes again through our wide open borders and uninspected ports? This war is in Iraq is making America less secure! (See Video below).

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When Obama said he will go for the kill concerning Al Qaeda is he wrongfully telegraphing our moves as Senator McCain has accused? Well then if you state that you are not going to act then McCain is giving Al Qaeda Central a free reign! Two side benefits of Senator Obama’s statements are that (1) it would make Al Qaeda live more in fear (2) it would give Pakistan an “incentive” to act rather than waiting for us to do so. Besides who is Senator McCain to talk about tipping your cards regarding foreign policy when he jestingly stated that he would bomb Iran!

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In the video above we see how not to telegraph your foreign policy moves according to John McCain!

While this blogger believes taking Saddam down was not a bad idea, our continued presence in Iraq is a bad idea as it is undermining the War on Terror. Senator McCain wants to continue the social engineering experiment in Iraq while his fellow travelers at Halliburton grow richer and the Opium grows higher in Afghanistan!

America’s Silent Majority, our great Middle Class, has had enough of this Social Engineering Experiment in Iraq which has side tracked the war on terrorism! By the way Senator McCain why are Cut and Run Capitalists running to invest not only in China but Vietnam? You would think that conservatives would place patriotism over stock portfolio now wouldn’t you?

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