Democrats Waffle On American Identity

I listened tonight to the Democratic Debate in Texas. The debate was co-hosted by CNN and a Spanish language cable channel “Univision”. What amazed me is that neither candidate put the moderator from Univision in his place!

What “place” is that you ask?


The Univision reporter asked both candidates why America should not become a bi-lingual nation. Both Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton seemed to apologize for desiring to keep English as the “language that binds us together” but not the “Official Language”. They then pitifully spoke about how great it is to speak a second language. If I were one of the candidates I would have told the Univision reporter that bilingualism has no place in America and he should take pride in our American culture and heritage. If he has a problem with that why not return to Latin America and we would pay his plane fare.

I am sick of the “racism” that some Latino activist groups show. I have family in Italy! The current immigration laws were actually passed because many in America feared our nation was losing it’s northern European identity and wanted to restrict the flow of darker skinned Italians into our nation. Yet many Latino groups seem to believe they have an “entitlement” to cross our borders and our nation has to assimilate to them rather than the other way around! This is arrogant racism! What gives Mexicans the right to enter America ILLEGALLY while my distant kinfolk in Italy have to obey the law and wait? My grand parents had to learn English. There were no ballots printed in Italian and that is the way it should be.

I realize that most illegal aliens in this nation are decent hardworking people who want to have the “privilege” of becoming Americans. The problem is corporations that foster bilingual ATM machines in order to make a buck! I would have no problem with an eventual amnesty under an “Alien Assimilation Act” whereby:

1. A REAL border fence would be built. As Congressman Duncan Hunter said if you can cross this fence we will sign you up for our Olympic Team. Pop psychology talks about “boundary issues” when dealing with interpersonal problems. Nations must have secure boundaries and no guilt in enforcing them.

2. Employers would be really required to validate Social Security numbers and legal status. Those companies that try to undermine American workers must be fined heavily and even serve some jail time.

3. Anchor babies would be outlawed! If your parents are here illegally then the baby is not American!

4. English would be made the overt Official Language and all bi-lingual education would be outlawed!

5. Voting would be solely in English. Since they are required to learn English why are ballots printed in foreign languages?

6. Once the above conditions were meet and the real fence that Duncan Hunter talks about was built, not just voted on, then we could proceed to an Amnesty!

Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton seemed to be pandering to the Texan Latino vote. In doing so they endanger their support from America’s Silent Majority! What really drives Americans insane is this racist ideas and concepts of:

· Entitlement” by some Latino groups. If you don’t like America then LEAVE! As I mentioned I don’t believe most illegal Aliens share the beliefs of the activists.

· Earned Citizenship”, No it is not earned citizenship if you broke the law and came here illegally! Are they better than my kinfolk who are waiting in Italy and others in third world nations around the world who wait and go through the legal requirements!

· We have to fix Mexico”. This idea which was backed by both democratic candidates purports that it is America’s responsibly to fix the Mexican economy so that Mexicans can stay at home. No it is the responsibly of Mexico to deal with her sovereign economy! We are not the “Great Decider” or “Great Fixer” of the world.

· Path to legalization“. No just call it “Amnesty”! Being phony does not help the issue. We are a nation of laws but our legal system does provide for “mercy”.

I am a populist Lou Dobbs Democrat. Unless Lou Dobbs runs for President I will vote for the Democratic ticket as I believe the issue of illegal immigration can be handled after the election. Besides both George Bush and John McCain have views almost identical to Obama and Clinton.

The time has come for America’s Silent Majority, our great Middle Class, which includes all races, to stand up and defend our national identity and Sovereignty!

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