Hillary Clinton, Our Lady Of NAFTA Has Solutions

I feel rage when I see Hillary Clinton talking to factory workers telling them she is going to save their jobs! What a joke Hillary Clinton acting as the friend of the Middle Class. Sure she supported Universal Health Care and I give her credit for that. But she will do anything to get elected even if it means sacrificing your job. Don’t believe the lie that at last resort we can train displaced blue collar workers for technological jobs! Hillary Clinton, Our Lady of NAFTA, is pushing for even MORE foreign computer employees to be imported from India and Pakistan to lower the salaries of those American college graduates who are lucky to get a computer job. Just look at the number of computer related jobs in the New York Times as opposed to ten years ago! Now even white collar workers are moving toward unionization. Hell I am a college graduate, with over 50 credits after my B.A. who is working as a blue collar worker!

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Hillary Clinton has a “solution” to job out sourcing! She will keep the jobs in America! If the job cannot be exported to a foreign land then bring foreign technology workers to America to take the jobs of American college graduates! I know I am one of those college graduates who now work as a blue collar worker thanks to Hillary Clinton and her fellow traveler John McCain.

I am sick of these advocates of the free market who with silver tongue talk about “freedom”. Bull shit they mean freedom for the bully! With out a strong government monitoring the marketplace the individual looses his freedom to the CORPORATE COLLECTIVISTS! They have no problem with Corporate Lobbying funds influencing the political process in this country. These same people who whine about “government intervention” now push for it to break the market power of American technology students and employees! If there were a shortage (and there isn’t) of technology students then let the FREE MARKET fix the problem by letting the compensation scale rise! This would then attract more students into the field. But instead they push to have the few American jobs that remain in our nation undermined by importing H1-b Visa workers. Then these advocates of the free market whine about how “ATLAS SHRUGGED”. Better reread Ann Rand you right wing hypocrites and let the free market take care of any nonexistent technology worker shortage!

The time has come when America’s great Silent Majority – our Great Middle Class, must stand up to these effete snobs of corporate America! These CUT AND RUN CAPTIALTISTS must be stopped from shipping not only our nation’s capital investmetns and jobs overseas but even our very technology, frequently to the enemies of freedom! Ah yes but Hillary Clinton is so much better! She wants to keep the jobs in America but deny them to American college students!

Thank you Hillary Clinton for your “SOLUTIONS”! I don’t believe America’s middle class consider “NAFTA” and “H1-b” to be “solutions”! The time has come for a CHANGE!

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