Cut And Run Capitalist Mitt Romney

I am sure we are all touched by the great patriotism of Mitt Romney, first who wants to send your sons and daughters to fight in Iraq while his sons stay home to fight the wicked forces of liberalism by supporting their dad in his political campaign. Well that is till now when CUT AND RUN CAPITALIST Mitt Romney dropped out of the Presidential race because he did not want to loose countless millions more of his own money!

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God he made that stupid speech to the conservatives. You can sense at how shallow even they see him now! John McCain has not hidden his emotions concerning Romney. McCain is a “mere multimillionaire”. John McCain as a “mere multimillionaire” cannot self finance his own campaign. National campaigns are far too expensive even for those with John McCain’s resoureces! Mitt Romney is somewhere above the one hundred million mark. If Mitt Romney did not drop out, then since he has a large number of sons, they might be reduced to “mere multimillionaires”! Oh the loss! If Mitt Romney really believed he is helping our troops who are risking far more than being reduced to “mere multi-millionaires” then he would fight on!

What is really pathetic is the Vietnam era type language that Romney and his fellow travelers in the Republican Party are using. They act as if those who want to bring our troops home from Iraq are making America unsafe! This blogger is not a knee jerk PC Liberal. Hell I even supported the war initially and still think the world is better without Saddam Hussein. But we never had the troops levels to conduct a SOCIAL ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT in Iraq!

Can you imagine it is 1949 and Munich were to revert to control of the Nazis or Kyoto to revert to Japanese Imperialists? Well that is the situation we are in now in Iraq! We should have turned over control to a friendly General who gave lip service to democracy. Hell we have no problem now do we with capital investments and technology transfers to China or Vietnam? Tell me is that what our troops died for in Vietnam so CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS could ship America’s financial and technological resources to our enemies in China and even VIETNAM while they make a profit? Yet the bleeding hearts of the Republican party whine for these corporations that forsake their “American Identity” to now self style themselves as “Multinational Corporations”. Are China and VIETNAM democracies? Oh maybe China and Vietnam are the “role models” of Bush type Democracy that the CUT AND RUN CAPITALIST$ want Iraq to emulate! Now I $ee, don’t you?

Just look at the accomplishments of the Republicans under Bush. Don’t forget under the first six years they also controlled both Houses of Congress. What did they do to preserve our Homeland?

  • They are not supporting our troops in Afghanistan. Opium production is at an all time high while Al Qaeda in Afghanistan is gaining strength. Next door in Pakistan rogue radical Islamic nuclear scientists can now team their knowledge with Afghan opium money and Al Qaeda operatives as their “delivery system”! But what worry over a mushroom cloud over our cities? Hell no Iraq is so much more important!
  • Our nation’s borders are wide open. No need to worry terrorists can now use trucks to cross our borders from Mexico!
  • Al Qaeda operatives don’t have to swim the ocean instead George Bush and his fellow travelers wanted to surrender our ports to the United Arab Emirates. You know the nice folks who allowed centrifuges to go through their nation to Pakistan and made the Pakistani bomb possible! Portfolio Security not port security is the slogan of the Republicans!
  • While the Port deal was killed none the less there is no serious screening for bombs and nuclear material at our ports and Airports.
  • Halliburton, the great role model of CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS is moving their CEO to Dubai. They even have a subsidiary in Iran!

The time has come for America’s Silent Majority; our great Middle Class (and those who aspire to be) to support Individual Freedom from it’s subjugation to the agenda of the effete snobs of Corporate Collectivism!

God Bless The Middle Class!

God Bless America!

Stand Up For America against these effete snobs of CUT AND RUN CAPITALISM!

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