Ann Coulter For Hillary: Fear of “Middle Class Consciousness”

Recently Ann Coulter has stated that she would not only endorse Hillary Clinton over John McCain but she would even campaign for her if McCain received the Republican Party nomination! While Ann Coulter has some weird ideas I believe both she and Rush Limbaugh are aware that John McCain, no matter how conservative he is in some areas, none the less constitutes a threat to the status of the Corporate Class over the Silent Majority! Can anyone deny that without massive financial contributions from K Street both the Democratic and Republican Parties would be far more populist in their agendas? Just listen below at how fearful Ann Coulter is!

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For too long the political landscape of America has been a choice between flag waving (and owning) Conservatives in one camp versus the “Politically Correct” hate America Al Sharpton brand of liberals on the other! But as the 21st Century approached there has been a birth of a new independent “Class Consciousness” in America. “Middle Class Consciousness” is now arising in America. While the term “Silent Majority” was used by Richard Nixon it was merely an attempt from the upper corporate class to “define” and “pontificate” what our middle class agenda and values should be! Bill Clinton hitched his political fortunes to the middle class as did Patrick Buchanan. Both are part of this movement while both attempted to put their own “spin” on this phenomenon! However Middle Class Consciousness is taking on a life of it’s own and can not be stopped. John McCain, while he shares many features of the corporate class, is advocating an end the rule of K Street! This reminds me of the Vietnam era book called “The Greening Of America”.

Yes my fellow middle class Americans (and those who aspire to be middle class) there is a cold shiver of TERROR in the minds of corporate America! Their news journal, “Human Events” sounds the trumpet of alarm in it’s recent issue. Attacking McCain with double speak right wing tongue lingo such as saying McCain is against “free speech”! That is just a euphemism to say that McCain is against corporations sticking their hands into our pockets to collect our money to finance THEIR AGENDA! No one is against a CEO or millionaire stockholder speaking his or her mind. The problem is that these effete snobs of the corporate class seem to believe they have MORE of a right to be heard than the average American.

No one is against corporate lobbyists presenting their arguments for their causes to congress. The issue is will those arguments be based on their “compelling logic” or their “compelling cash”!

Will those who hold office be shamed by the righteous noble and altruistic compelling logic of K Street’s arguments or by the flow of K Street cash into their opponents campaign coffers! Just what “contingencies of reinforcement” is the decision making process of a free society being subjected to if we allow this era of licentious permissiveness to continue that allows the hidden taxing of America’s Silent Majority to maintain the political coffers of the corporate elite.

The issue is not to deny a CEO their freedom of speech! They have as much right as I have! But they believe they should have the “freedom” to stick their hand in my pocket to effect the political process of a free society to advance their agenda! How do they do this?

These bleeding hearts for corporate America wail and whine how they should not have to label their products, “Made In China”! They wail the label cost must be passed on to the consumer. Well maybe the consumer does not want the lead paint passed on to their children! Yet they will pass on the costs of their lobbing efforts via the costs of their products and/or a reduction in wages to those who work for them! The result is that Individual freedom is being sacrificed to the Corporate Collective! I would not object to corporations making arguments before Congress. I object to them bribing Congress!

Do I sound like John Edwards? I hope so! I believe the two Americas should come together! I am not against those who have a novel idea or innovation becoming millionaires! Even in Sweden there are millionaires. But the rate of unfair corporate compensation must have a rational counter!

Yes let us bring America together. The methodology is the PROGRESSIVE INCOME TAX and a rational not excessive Inheritance tax! In this era where CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS get in bed with the Communists of both Vietnam and China and export our technology for profit, where CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS shed their allegiance to the nation that gave them succor, incorporation and profits, the Silent Majority must STAND UP FOR AMERICA! This era of licentious permissiveness must come to an end! Let us not listen to these bleeding hearts who cry for the corporate rich, who ship our jobs and technology overseas, even to the enemies of freedom! The time has come for an era of SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY! God Bless the Middle Class! God Bless America!

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