Harry Reid Is Right About Obama

On Tuesday Ed Schultz went ballistic about Senator Harry Reid’s comments concerning President Barrack Obama not being forceful with the Republicans. <See video below>. Yes Ed Schultz is correct that Senator Reid should have been forceful himself long ago. None the less I am tired of playing “make believe” about Barrack Obama! I voted for Obama because I just loved what the right winger’s were saying about him!

From listening to these Republican lovers of the corporate collectivization of America you quickly learned they were scared of Barrack Obama! They claimed he was going to use his considerable rhetorical skills to usher in the new Socialist Motherland in America!  Hell he has barely used his rhetorical skills in the Presidency. He is no FDR, JFK or Ronald Reagan! And as for the laws he has passed, they are so watered down and wimpy they fit his signature! –  MEOW!

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But Ed Schultz seems to me more like the captain of the Titanic. The time has come to stop supporting Obama’s masochistic quest to be a single term President. This is NOT CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN! I have had it!

Harry Reid And The Troika Of Impotence

Harry Reid should also be giving the same advice to himself along with the ever wimpy Nancy Pelosi who had two years prior to Obama being elected President to impeach George Bush! Oh dear me we wouldn’t want to have attempted that now would we? That would be sooooo negative of us Democrats!

When will Obama learn that you must repeat and repeat the attacks against the Republicans for them to sink in to the American people. Look at how the Republicans and their fellow travelers in the Tea Party have duped the American people concerning death panels and fear of west European style socialism!

Meanwhile we learn that the company that makes the diabetes drug “Avandia” knew for a decade that it could raise the level of heart attacks in those who took it. But our ever glorious free market, you know the nice folks who educate our doctors, placed profit over people. Where are the nut jobs who spoke about “death panels” when it comes to “Avandia”?

Just look at the oil gushing from the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico! BP covered up its High Definition video from the public till now! Look at that video and how Avandia’s dangers have been covered up!

Now ask yourself, are we to trust the free market with our health care? Why doesn’t Obama go on a crusade and use those rhetorical skills to usher in our new western European style socialist motherland? If you are middle class and have self respect then the time has come to stop supporting the economic agenda of our social betters!

But where is Obama when they even smear him as not being native born? Where is President Obama when the Tea Party nut jobs talk about “death panels”? Harry Reid was just as much a wimp but he is right in speak out now. If Obama wants to self destruct that is fine but we voted for him! When is he going to advance the agenda of the people who placed him in office?

To be fair below is a short video of President Barrack Obama responding to the wild eyed Republicans and their fellow travelers in the Tea Party!

Any President who is so wimpy to allow the Tea Party folks to go unanswered deserves to loose. Just look at the economy! Obama should have advanced FDR’s second bill of rights but he didn’t. But then again when you have wimps like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi as your right and left hand in the Congress what do you expect?

We Progressives need a Third Party that is free of corporate interests! We must take our nation back! We the people not we the corporations!

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