Report Finds Homeland Security A Mess

Well it appears that while George Bush and his fellow travelers continue to involve our nation in their “social engineering” experiment in Iraq, our national preparation level has sunk to an all time low! Well look at the bright side at least our nation’s ports are not being managed by the United Arab Emirates. Thank God George Bush was not able to advance the cause of upper class “portfolio security” ahead of “port security”! Our Army Reserve and National Guard are being bled dry in Iraq years after “Mission Accomplished” while opium production is reaching all time high levels in Afghanistan and that nation falls further into Al Qaeda control! The combination of opium profits for Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, renegade nuclear scientists in Pakistan and our unsecured borders do not seem to upset the “Great Decider” and his minions in the Republican Party.

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But the above report should come as no surprise as even our nation’s readiness for a natural disaster from hurricanes is at stake and was discussed in Congress last April. (See the Video Below).

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Some members of the Vermont Legislature have decided to pass a bill that would declare President Bush’s authorization to call up the Vermont National Guard to be void as the authorization was for a mission that was already accomplished! Senator McCain apparently does not know about “Mission Accomplished”. Al Qaeda in Afghanistan apparently is also not an issue for McCain. The question is for those in the Republican Primary:

What about a STRICT CONSTRUCTIONALIST interpretation of the Constitution? What gives George Bush the right to create a “new unauthorized mission” for our troops? You know the very National Guard and Army Reserve that he never fully attended? McCain and his fellow travelers are going tor the “feels good” solution! The problem is we are a nation of laws. But then again what the hell we have no national borders anyway the laws that regulated them are violated daily? But corporate America needs cheap labor! These right wing fear mongers talk about genocide occurring in Iraq. What about what is going on in:

  • Darfur
  • Kenya
  • And soon perhaps Chad

Yet these “champions of democracy” have turned a deaf ear to the cries of the oppressed in these lands! The time has come for our nation’s middle class to demand accountability from those who hold office in our land!

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