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Many Liberal talk shows are alarmed that Obama may be turning into a fiscal conservative! (See the video below). Amazing, we can launch two wars that are not paid for and at the same time cut the taxes for the rich! Then naturally we should worry how we can fund a national health care plan. Somehow I think we have our values mixed up.

We must face a crucial assumption that the massive amounts of political campaign contributions have “tamed” even Democrats to avoid. We must face the issue of wealth concentration in the hands of a few!

While we want to encourage risk and innovation there must be a balance. Why should any middle class American work for a corporation where an executives make more in one day then he or she makes in one year? If you are middle class and have self respect you should be jealous of this inequity! Republican love to talk about how many days you have to work into the new year before you are no longer working for you yearly tax! Well how many days does one have to work into the New Year before your cumulative earnings equal just one day of an executives total compensation for just one day!

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One of the guests in the video clip above whines that the top 1% of Americans pay half the costs of government! This is true but then again the whining is based on the assumption above that I can shorten below!

Their whining is based on the presumption that they actually “earned” their millions in yearly compensation!

Do they work for it?

Sure they may work extra hours but so do many other Americans! Yes they may have specialized knowledge that takes time to acquire but their job is easier than a soldier, cop or bus driver with far more intrinsic satisfactions! Funny isn’t it that middle class college grads are supposed to accept non-monetary compensation in terms of “professional accomplishment” while their upper class counter parts are to receive millions! Then again many upper class folks don’t even work for it but just manage what mummy and daddy worked for and passed on!

Here are two statistics that you heard before but I bet you never put them together!

Remember this when you hear Republicans whine that government does not produce “real” jobs! First somewhere around 47% of American households don’t pay federal tax! Second most jobs in America are produced by small business! Well perhaps these two statistics are related! Government civil service jobs pay better and I am sure those employees where not among those Americans who earn to little to pay taxes! Perhaps small businesses pay just too little for their employees to pay taxes!

If you are middle class you can accept a doctor making two or three times what you earn. But when you have to work a whole year and still don’t have what an executive makes and if you have self esteem then you must say enough is enough!

But wait executives have to make very educated decisions. Yes it hard to decide should we off shore blue collar jobs to the same country we off shore white collar computer jobs? Should we just import H1-b workers to replace high paid programmers? Yes that is the type of “productivity” that our CEO’s are compensated at such high rates. – The bleeding of America!

I believe we need to pay our members of Congress much more than CEO’s. Besides they are running America and isn’t America worth more than a corporation? We must insure that our politician’s “decision making” is not corrupted by corporate campaign contributions that we are forced to contribute to in levy’s against the corporations costs of product and services!

President Obama do you want to fix our economy? Then do the following:

  • Raise the tariff and bring jobs home to America!
  • Repeal both the Bush and Reagan tax cuts for the rich!
  • End the costly war in Iraq and Afghanistan!
  • Prosecute corporations that make phony head quarters overseas to avoid paying taxes!
  • Raise the estate tax on the supper rich back to the level of 50’s under Eisenhower!

The time has come to support the producers in America! Our Silent Majority – our great Middle Class!

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