The Blob – Rush Limbaugh Delights In Democratic Party Rift

Oh the joys in right wing land as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton go at each other. Rush Limbaugh aka “The Blob” is seen below frolicking at the prospect of the Democratic Party having a civil war. But that is ok as the Republicans are not doing so badly at fratricide!

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While none of the Republicans have economic policies that really help the middle class, I do hope Senator McCain wins the nomination! In 2000 Senator McCain raised the issue of K – Street and the extreme influence that big money has on our government! Just look at the predictions of the news media concerning McCain prior to the Florida Primary. They were predicting that if he did not win then he would not have the funds to continue the race. Mitt Romney has deep pockets and is able to pull out millions more. But wait you ask, Isn’t John McCain a millionaire? The answer is that all of the Republican and Democratic candidates are millionaires! Barack Obama, from the newscast I saw, was the baby of the millionaires with a mere 1.1 million. Even though John McCain is a multimillionaire he is a mere pauper in relation to Mitt Romney! Presidents don’t just come from thin air! Elections require funding and plenty of it. This is especially true if you want to have an intelligent discussion of the issues. Negative ads with 30 second sound bites do work and they come about because of low funds in the politician’s war chest. Rational discussion requires a price. Our society must pay that price else we all pay by becoming serfs to the interests of the Corporate Collectivists!

When you see McCain and Romney go at it you can see the anger that McCain has that he is the financial underdog. While I don’t know if I could vote for McCain I do hope he will be the Republican winner! He will start preaching the evils of K – Street when he has the Republican nomination behind him. McCain will then put pressure on the Democrats to change even if he looses! This is the reason Rush Limbaugh hates McCain! Both the Republicans and the Democrats get huge financial contributions to their campaigns! As John Edwards has repeated many times, “Why do you think they make these contributions”? If McCain was the Republican Candidate and he won, Rush Limbaugh realizes the party is over! Without the web of money by K-Street, over a few years, the Republican Party would become the Democratic Party and the Democratic Party would become a European style Social Democratic Party. This is not McCain’s intention but without the money from lobbyists it will be the outcome!

So laugh on big boy Limbaugh your time is coming to an end! America’s Silent Majority will then be able to assert the values of “Individual Freedom” over the needs of 21st century Collectivism that holds sway over our dear land. This new “Collectivism” is not from enslavement to the government but rather from enslavement to the CORPORATE COLLECTIVE! While CUT AND RUN Corporations ship our jobs, technology and wealth overseas, frequently even to the enemies of America, the Silent Majority will break the hold of these moneyed interests in Washington. What may be the irony is that the chain will be broken not by a Democrat but by a Republican! Yes a Republican who is loyal to America first not the 21st Century Nomads of Capital who with their Iscariot loyalties only to their own class roams the globe in search of the weak to export our dreams and import their poverty while they profit from the transaction! There is in America, in both political parties, a rising MIDDLE CLASS CONSCIOUSNESS!

Even if McCain is not fully one of us, none the less, his work inside the Republican Party is helping to bring this middle class consciousness about! Rush Limbaugh your days are over and you know it! That is why you are so much against McCain even though he is basically one of your fellow travelers in other respects!

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