Obama Sinks As He Alienates Base

President Barrack Obama on his never ending quest to destroy the mandate given to him by the silent majority just doesn’t seem to get it! His polls are down so low you would have to borrow a BP Gulf Robotic Submarine to go lower and then even then you may not reach that low! All of this is because he wants to hug and cuddle Republicans who are on a mission to destroy him and our party!

No Mr. President this is not “silly season” in politics! This is the death of your Presidency and the agenda of we the middle class who put you in power!

How Obama Let The Right Wing Pull Him Down!

Well you really have to try hard when Bush made such a mess to NOT see a golden opportunity to change the philosophy of the average person but then we have Barrack Obama as President and he is hell bent on loosing!

Let’s list some examples of how to really loose!

  • Letting right wing nut cases go on and on about death panels without pointing out the agenda of their corporate masters earned you the low numbers you have Mr. President!
  • Making a milk toast attempt at Green Technology while giving AIG 180 Billion. We only put 45 Billion in infrastructure repair.
  • Allowing right wing idiots to STEAL the “golden goose”, that is the behavior of Goldman Sachs and friends and making Democrats perceived to be their friends while Republicans play the ally of Main Street! My God that takes real stupidity Mr. President. But then again you have Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid at your side. We should have had non-stop Congressional hearings to rouse public indignation! Oh no but we want to sing Kumbayah with the Republicans!
  • Republicans are acting like they are the ones who can create jobs! But today they stopped dead an extension of unemployment insurance. This could be a great teaching moment for Obama to take to the waves! But oh no we would not want to do that now would we Mr. President!

How About Change We Can Believe In

Obama needs to understand the Presidency has two means to bring about lasting “Change We Can Believe In”.

  1. By introducing new laws!
  2. By acting as PONTIFEX MAXIMUS of the nation. That is say using the bully pulpit of the Presidency to preach and preach and preach! Hey this is why the Republicans feared him. He “WAS” a great orator! Obama has failed completely on this point.

While the stimulus package should be stronger his speeches also need to be stronger and more frequent! Republicans play the “race” and “sexual orientation” cards. Time to play the “class warfare card”. For God’s sake our jobs our being shipped overseas while those who live off dividend checks reap the rewards of the impoverishment of America!

Watch the video above is shows how these people who call themselves the “producers” treat America as a casino. Look at how they are producing pain in America at their profit!

Obama is allowing the Republicans to scare Americans about the debt!

  • Why not raise the Tariff and restore both white and blue collar jobs that are being shipped overseas! Laid off blue collar workers cannot gain new jobs by learning computer skills if those jobs also are being off shored and they are!
  • We need to raise the progressive income tax to 90% as in the good ole days of President Eisenhower!

I am glad he took McChrystal’s resignation but perhaps he should have taken one of his stars away first! This President needs to learn an important lesson:

Americans want a President who if he cannot fix the problem immediately then at least acts with emotion and kicks some corporate asses! If he survives to a second term and we Democrats maintain the operation of Congress then in his last year or two he can be more above the clouds. At least unleash Vice President Biden to blast the right like Nixon’s VP Agnew blasted the left!

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