Kook With A Nuke: Thankyou Bush

George Bush has got his priorities all mixed up yet again. While North Korea is about to test nuclear weapons and has tested an ICBM prototype that could hit our homeland, George Bush and his fellow travelers have been focusing on the more important issues of the day. Iraq which was third in line behind North Korea and Iran for developing WMD is Bush’s prime focus.

Meanwhile the extreme left is readying their usual litany about how America is the cause of all the world’s problems while Republicans see this as a great “investment opportunity” to send capital and jobs abroad to China. Hey but what the heck when the next cold war starts guess who will no longer be “multinational” but true “American” Corporatists! After being the “enabler” for China’s economy to be a military threat to our nation just think of the new investment opportunities in the reemerging American Industrial Complex. Naturally these same cut and run corporatists will now rediscover their “American identity” when there is a buck to be made!

Oh but America’s middle class will have an investment opportunity to make also. Our youth will die in the battlefields that could have been prevented if vigorous action were taken today. You don’t think Bush’s class would lower themselves to actually going to their National Guard meetings now do you?

America’s middle class (and those who aspire to be) will be stuck with the bill! No problem! That’s why Bush’s strategy in Afghanistan is so important! Instead of going after Osama Bin Laden he instead cut and ran from this to concentrate on Iraq.

But again I say no problem. When North Korea gets more nukes and puts them on ICBM’s and they fall on our cities which will be empty of jobs and capital that the Republicans sent to China then why not enjoy some good Afghan Opium? Sprinkle it on some mangos from India! You know “India” that’s where all our computer programming jobs are going. That is the ones that corporate America is not filling with lower paid H1b guest visa workers now.

George Bush who cut and ran from his legal National Guard meeting requirements has no problem sending America’s middle class sons and daughters to die for his pet schemes. With his friends in the Christian Right and the pro – Israeli lobbies we can all rest secure in our beds while North Korea aims nuclear tipped ICBM’s at our nation’s homeland. The news media lets Bush get a free ride on this while concentrating instead on small conventionally armed katusa rockets going 25 miles into northern Israel. George Bush had better get his priorities straight.

Oh he whines about fighting Islamic fascists. What about Darfur and the genocide that the Islamic fascists are conducting there?

Oh but that does not generate any votes from the Christian right that has to justify the failure of the second coming that they believed should have taken place within a generation after the rebirth of Israel. Since the “second coming” did not occur their theological spin doctors reason that Israel has not yet fully been restored since they do not occupy all of Palestine! Hence the “one generation clock” has not yet started ticking. Oh yes and our nation is being held hostage to this kook theology! Meanwhile Bush’s lectures us on the need for secular liberal democracy in the Muslim world while the zanies influence him and our foreign policy here at home.

Please understand I am NOT against Israel. I just want them to mind their affairs while we place our Homeland’s Security first. I wish just a part of the attention that was directed to katusa rockets was instead focused on the genocide in Darfur.

George Bush is trying to “define” the issue as “fight the terrorist abroad or fight them at home!” I agree. The problem is when are we going to do that!

We are loosing in Afghanistan. They now produce 92% of the world’s opium. If we don’t fight that crop there in Afghanistan we will be fighting drug terrorism on our streets! Under Bush we have the choice to let the profits of the addiction of America’s youth go to a so-called friendly Afghan government or a hostile one lead by the Taliban! I say the choice is wrong! Life is more that a choice of two solutions. Indeed many of you who read this blog may wonder how I can label myself a liberal democrat (and I am). But I am a NON politically correct liberal democrat. I do not advocate “cut and run”. I just wonder what is the target? Certainly not North Korea! Certainly not the Islamic fascists in their genocidal war in Darfur! We need more than two orthodox choices of liberal and conservative! This blog is part of a social process taking place in America to give us more choices!

We need a new political alignment in our nation. These cut and run capitalists must be stopped! While America’s left whine and apologize to America’s enemies abroad the right wing sees it as and investment opportunity. They invest in our enemies!

The time has come for our nation’s Silent Majority: America’s great Middle Class (and those who aspire to be) to rise up and take back our country!

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