General McChrystal Must Go

First we had companies that were to big to fail, now do we have Generals who are to big to fail? General McChrystal may be  important to our war effort but he is dispensable! I do not believe army generals are to be puppets of the President. But there is a Constitutional forum for a General to disagree with the President in public! That forum is before a Congressional Committee. I always resented the way generals would act as if they belonged to Bush and spoke of the “Government” as being the same as the “administration”!

It is important to remember that all military officers receive their commission from the Congress of the United States not the President. The President is the Commander – In Chief. They are placed under him but if called before Congress they MUST answer questions of the Congress that gave them their commission as officers!

Ed Schultz did a great job on his show arguing for McChrystal’s dismissal! I also like the way he pre-empted the right wing on the “patriotism” front. See the video below.

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However I fear that President Obama will let him stay because he emphasized that the troops are the most important thing. Well if they are then maybe we should pull them out of Afghanistan! Yes I was for Obama up scaling the war in Afghanistan last year! But now I must agree that our time there is nearing an end. I do not wish to see American troops die so that opium production profits can go to the Afghan Government!

The time to win the war was years ago. But Bush valued Iraq more! Now we are only making things worse. We can use predator drones and airstrikes rather then continue a worthless occupation. Besides the cost is destroying our economy!

But some will argue we should stay in Afghanistan for humanitarian reasons. I don’t want to hear about saving the people of nation “x” (fill in Iraq, Afghanistan). If saving innocent people from Muslim terrorists was the issue then what about Darfur?

It is essential for our national security that once we do not get bogged down in an endless war. Please read my post concerning how Bush undermined our national security by staying in Iraq. When I wrote that post I was against the Iraq War but still supported the Afghan War. Now I believe that we must move on from Afghanistan else we actually damage our national security!

Briefly the reason is this:

Adversaries like Iran and North Korea do not fear being over throw by Democratic forces! They simply fear being overthrown. By being bogged down in Iraq and/or Afghanistan we undermine our military deterrent in relation to Iran and North Korea. We need to understand our strengths and weaknesses! We excel in our military technology! That is to say “shock and awe”! We do not want to engage in extended occupations!

Our threat potential comes from our definition of victory being simply the destruction of an enemy regime not it’s replacement with a democratic one as desirable as that would be!

General McChrystal must go! As I mentioned above I do believe there is a proper forum for a general to disagree with a President but the general cannot take the initiative it must come from Congressional inquiry! I do not want to give a future Republican President the power to silence the input of a general to our Congress which gave the general his commission in the first place! But that is not the issue here. The issue is the General taking the “initiative” not the Congress!

The time has come to leave Afghanistan! At least we did not follow Bush and turn over our port operations to Dubai! The time has come to worry about our economy!

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