Republicans Bow To BP

Remember when Republicans were screaming at President Obama because he bowed to the Japanese Emperor? What about Rep. Joe Barton bowing to BP Executives? True many Republicans pushed him to back away but why do Republicans want a cap on spill liabilities yet are against the “Cap on Trade Bill”? To use the conservative rhetoric of the 60’s when I was a teen, “We live in an era of licentious permissiveness”! That’s right but not because of sex! We live in an era where the CORPORATE COLLECTIVISTS want to undermine INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM! They regard the Gulf as their bathtub for licentious play while they screw mother earth and the lives of what one of their executives called “The little people”!

My question for the Democratic Party?

Will the Democratic Party leadership go on the offensive day and night on this issue when raw meat is thrown their way or will we get the usual “MEOW”! I don’t mean just one or two counterattacks but a daily campaign to play the “Class Warfare Card”.

Republicans have no problem with lies concerning “Death Panels” and playing Americans against each other on the basis of race and/or sexual orientation! Again I ask, why cannot Democrats return to the agenda of FDR and play the Class Warfare Card?

ANSWER: Because most Democrats are either corporate lackeys or wimps! They have no taste for blood or victory! Oh dear all this talk of conflict! Think of all the bad karma we will raise. I have to stop a moment and do my mantra meditation.  The Democratic Party’s mantra is “MEOW….MEOW…MEOW”

For God’s sake this could be a great teaching moment! If Obama wants to play “Presidential” at least have Vice President Biden be the attack dog as Spiro Agnew did for Richard Nixon!

Tea Party Hypocrites

For over a year we have been subjected to these corporate lackeys from the Tea Party! Why hasn’t Obama called on his base? I am sick of conservatives stealing the iconography of the pre-revolutionary “Tea Party”. I am sick of them stealing the term “Freedom”! Their concept of “freedom” is the freedom of our social betters to profits without responsibility!

  • The “Freedom” to ship both blue collar and white collar jobs off our shores while they protect those that pollute our shores!
  • The “Freedom” to off shore the Corporate Headquarters to avoid taxes to America while in shoring their profits!
  • The “Freedom” to not bother share holders for raising the costs of their K-Street operations but rather to make the Silent Majority – our great Middle Class absorb the costs of the K-Street operations of our social betters via higher costs for goods and services! This is “Taxation without representation”.
  • The “Freedom” to serve the interests of the Corporate Collectivists. Every college graduate must talk at a job interview like he or she is impressed at the profits listed in the annual report of the corporation. “Thy good is my good my master”!

When is Obama going to wake up? Maybe we liberals need a third party even if it makes a Republican win the White House in 2012!

President Obama do you have a death wish? Start kicking some Republican ass big time or loose your base!

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