Alvin Greene To Debate Sarah Palin

Yes it is scary that Alvin Greene has won the South Carolina Democratic Primary. I would love to see a debate between Alvin Greene and Sarah Palin. Amazing that Sarah Palin was running for Vice President, an office just a heartbeat away from succession to the Presidency! Yet the right winger’s whined that Sarah Palin was being asked trick questions such as:

  • What news papers do you read?
  • What is the Bush Doctrine?
  • What is your foreign policy experience?
  • Well Alvin Greene is not a parochial hillbilly with just limited knowledge of South Carolina!

    Alvin Greene can see Georgia from his house!

    If the DNC had some guts and a taste for blood the whole issue of Alvin Greene would be a great talking point for arguing Anti-Liberal News Media Biases! Please note I am just as horrified by Alvin Greene getting the nomination. My point is that Sarah Palin made a big show that she was asked the most simplest of questions yet cried “News Media Biases! The news media is not biased for asking questions such as “what newspapers do you read?”

    What I find even more amazing is that FOX NEWS admits this! See the video below!

    Now after loosing the election and bailing out on the State of Alaska, that elected her Governor prior to the national election, what job do you think Sarah Palin is qualified for?

    ANSWER: Why an anchor and news commentator on FoxNews! Maybe Alvin Greene can join her to co-host a show!

    However using the “PALIN DOCTRINE” we would have to say the news media is unfairly attacking Alvin Greene. Besides Alvin Greene can see Georgia from his house! That is the State of Georgia! Sarah Palin probably does not even know there is also a nation by that name! Hell she didn’t know South Africa was a country!

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