Freedom For Our Social Betters And The Oil Spill

Ronald Reagan spoke movingly about the “Shining City On The Hill”. The problem is he doesn’t mention that city is only for the top 2% while the American Middle Class lives in the valley below! The current oil crises is a perfect example! In the video below one of the oil workers is afraid because he fears the company is cutting corners on safety! But the guy NEEDS A JOB! Yes folks this the “FREEDOM” of the Republican Party’s view of America! Some of you may remember the old Star Trek episode with the shinning city in the air called “Stratos”! They lived in luxury while the overwhelming majority lived on the planet’s surface in horrible conditions to work the mines!

Thom Hartmamn in his book, “Screwed: The Undeclared War On The Middle Class” quotes one of our founding fathers talking about “Freedom”.

“When one acts out of necessity the individual does not have freedom”!

Watch the short video below. This poor man who worked on the oil rig was trying to provide for his family but he feared for their safety! How can he change jobs yet save his family? Yes this is the “FREEDOM” that our social betters and our new “corporate persons” want for America!

Meanwhile the question of the day is: Where is President Spock?

The way the right wing has been attacking the progressive agenda with talk of death panels and their shouting  of “Drill Baby Drill” you would think that President Obama would be enjoying a field day of rubbing them raw with their rhetoric! I am sick of Obama not going on the offensive! This is a golden opportunity! That’s right I am a partisan for the middle class! This is class warfare! Our survival is at stake! Can you imagine what Dick Cheney and his fellow travelers would be doing if we had another 9–11 attack on America?

Yes I can understand that playing “Presidential” is a strategy but that is only effective if you team up with your Vice President and do a good cop/bad cop scenario. President Spock needs to unleash Vice President Biden as Nixon unleashed Vice President Agnew.

Oh dear me President Spock did get angry recently at the Republicans! Hell he prefaced his remarks saying that they “sincerely believed in free market forces”! –  You call that anger?

Right wingers have demeaned Obama’s right to be President by saying that he was not born in America but Kenya!

Hell they are partially right! Obama was not born in America but on the planet VULCAN! The great orator who could have used the bully pulpit of the Presidency to advance the progressive agenda has instead allowed right wing smears of “Death Panels” to go unchallenged and is even now being blamed for the oil spill? The oil spill could have served as a great “teaching moment” for a President who wants to use the pulpit of the Presidency! But no we have elected Mr. Spock to be our President!

The “FREEDOM” of the Silent Majority, our great Middle Class is being taken away by the corporate class and Obama is standing by doing nothing! The video below was made before he took office and yet the same things are still occurring! This is the “Freedom” that Republicans want to impose on America!

President Obama must go on a non-stop attack to defend the middle class! Not only are blue collar jobs being lost to off shoring but white collar technical jobs also! The time has come to UP THE RHETORIC! Use their rhetoric right back at the Republicans. This must not be a one time usage but a daily campaign.

Examples of talking point rhetoric to use against Republicans:

  • They don’t want socialism! Well sarcastically tell Republicans to  “unleash” the power of the so called free market to fix this crises! No better yet let’s not “unleash’ the free market to fix the crises but “UNPLUG the free market to fix this crises!
  • Now they want Government to fix the oil spill! Hey that is socialism!
  • What you want a “CLEAN UP CZAR” –  so commie!
  • They want govt checks in the mail to help those hurt! But what is to stop others from making false claims for assistance then having FoxNews gloat at Government making false payments! To monitor claims takes a bureaucracy –  that would be socialism! I suppose they should be just standing by watching porn movies till a disaster happens and collecting checks until a disaster occurs!
  • Liberals need to attack the patriotism of Republicans and corporate Democrats who support off shoring American jobs and technology especially to China! Republicans have no problem attacking the patriotism of Democrats and liberals!

Democrats and liberals must attack the Republican usage of the word “Freedom”.

The Republican definition of “FREEDOM”! The ability to:

  • Act with out Social Responsibility to the society that gave them birth, succor, protection and profits by off shoring jobs and technology even to the enemies of America!
  • Reduce the economic security of America’s Silent Majority so that employees have no choice while large investors have the choice to switch  their massive investments in a  nanosecond!  Choice belong only to our social betters!  Yet they called Obama an “elitist”.

Democrats must use the terminology of class warfare! Republicans have no problem with “sexual orientation warfare” or “race warfare”! Republicans have no problem with smearing the patriotism of Democrats and liberals who defend the middle class!

When will PRESIDENT SPOCK come down to EARTH from the planet Vulcan! This is not the “silly season” in politics! The flying boy is in for a crash landing to reality. The problem is that he is holding our dreams not just his own presidency at risk!

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