President Bush in a recent radio address said the following:

“If we give up the fight in the streets of Baghdad, we will face the terrorists in the streets of our own cities. The security of the civilized world depends on victory in the war on terror, and that depends on victory in Iraq, so America will not leave until victory is achieved.”


Putting terrorism aside just for one moment, since Bush’s argues that we must defeat the terrorists in the streets of Bagdad else we will fight them here on our streets, then what about the issue of drugs Mr. President? We correctly, IMHO, invaded Afghanistan as that nation was a safe haven for Ben Laden. Afghanistan’s main crop then was opium! The problem is that opium still is Afghanistan’s main crop and export. Their government, the one we helped install, does not want to shut down the opium fields.

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Our brave troops died in Afghanistan and I do not believe they gave their lives so that Afghan drug lords could continue to harvest opium! Nor did our brave troops die so that:

  • Our streets would be the battle fields for drug terrorism and addiction.
  • Our youth would be infected with addiction as a result of the failed social engineering experiments of Bush and his fellow travelers!
  • Mr. Bush and his fellow travelers could harvest pseudo-patriotic hoopla from a Commander – in Chief who CUT AND RAN from his National Guard meeting requirements!

Bush is whipping up fear in the general public and trying to rally his base by giving a substitute goal for winning the war on terrorism. Instead he is trying to upshot his dad by getting involved in Iraq when we had more important fish to fry!

Using Bush’s logic then we MUST defeat the war lords and even the govenrment we installed in Afghanistan in their harvesting of opium. If we do NOT then we will be fighting that opium and the terror it produces in our city streets!

Mr. Bush and his fellow travelers love to provide “feel good” bravado! I am all for “KICKING ASS”! But let us focus on the correct target. Afghanistan was a good target. The problem is we did not use enough troops for a follow-up in destroying the opium fields. Instead we got sidetracked into Iraq! Nothing wrong maybe in knocking off Sadamn AFTER we first take care of North Korea and Iran. Then we should have left Iraq to a puppet general. North Korea and Iran can be dealt with by our advanced technology! China could even be “invited” to install a new communist goverment in North Korea. Our goal is not to push the communists out of North Korea but just stop them from becoming a threat. To force North Korea militaraly to become democratic would invite a major war. That is not in our national interest. But Bush is sidetracked in up showing his dad in Iraq.

You may have heard of North Korea Mr. Bush. You know the nice folks who ALREADY have nuclear bombs and are testing ICBM’s that could travel thousands of miles to hit our homeland. Instead Mr. Bush is more concerned with small conventional war heads fired by Katusa rockets 25 miles into northern Israel!

Mr. Bush you have the correct issue which is homeland security! However my question is just whose homeland you are trying to secure! Certainly not ours when:

  • We back a government in Afganistan that is exporting drug terror to America’s streets.
  • Our borders are wide open five years after 9-11 and your party controls all branches of government!
  • Shipping containers are barely inspected entering our ports.

Mr. Bush do you want to fight Islamic Fascism? What about the GENOCIDE that is taking place in the Sudan against the Christian minority? Instead of focusing on that, Mr. Bush, you and your fellow travelers in the Christian right have an agenda to bring about the second coming by focusing on Israel. Israel has the resources to take care of it’s own problems. Indeed our outward backing may even hamper Israel from doing what it really wanted to do and that is attack the terrorist bases in Syria!

The problem is we Democrats let him get away with this. We also have a stupid subset of PC Democrats that want us all to believe America is the fault of all the world’s problems. When Bush then presents some bravado, even if it is misdirected, most will rightly chose action over guilt trips.

I do salute the President for the successful anti-Missile test just recently conducted. In that issue he is on the right track. But not in Iraq and Homeland Security. If the fate of the free world is at stake in Iraq then we need far more troops! Imagine Germany three years after the end of the war with Berlin in revolt! Do we want to pay that price for Iraq while North Korea builds yet more nuclear weapons and Iran prepares? Time for a change this November!

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