While this is a blog by a liberal Democrat, I am as much repelled by the orthodoxy of “political correctness” as I am by the subservience of the American middle class to the corporate collectivists! I suggest we take a balanced look at the Bush record in regards to the war on terrorism! Let me be upfront. I was for kicking Saddam’s ass in the Iraqi War. I enjoyed the “Shock and Awe” campaign. However I was immediately alarmed when I heard that we were not confiscating all hand guns from Iraq. Next I was honestly shocked to learn there were no Iraqi WMD! Ok like many Americans I rationalized, “so what we enjoyed kicking some asses of those who hated us anyway”! Besides I believed this was a strategic “example” being given to Iran and North Korea that would have reduced the need for military action against these far greater national security risks. Lets look at Bush’s pros and cons. First the negatives. Hey I cannot help putting the negatives first after all I am a democrat!


  • By continuing to stay in Iraq we lost the initiative! That is because the thrashing of Iraq set a good example to Iran and North Korea as to what could happen to them. If we then declared victory and “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” then indeed an example would have been set.
  • His strategy of vocalizing that “a defeat in Iraq is a defeat for America in the war on terror” is a defeat in itself!
  • Afghanistan is having a resurgence of the Taliban that could have been avoided if our resources where concentrated there.
  • North Korea is building yet more Nuclear Weapons AND testing ICBMs that can travel thousands of miles to reach our shores. Meanwhile Bush worries about small payload conventional Katusa rockets hitting 25 miles into northern Israel.
  • Imagine three years after the end of World War II and revolts still taking place inside of Berlin? Well that is the analogous situation we are experiencing in Iraq! Yet Bush does not want to face the fact that far more troops are needed. Doing so could perhaps result in a resurrection of the draft. Is that the price we want to pay? Bush, by not declaring our objectives met, has made our “Shock and Awe” into a “Crock and Bore” to the third world!
  • Sudan is waging a genocidal war against the Christians of Dafar yet no one gives a damn! Aren’t these not the same Islamic Fascists Mr. Bush?
  • Afghanistan, under the government we back, has a bumper crop of Opium! Using Bush’s logic then if we don’t fight our ally in Afghanistan then we will be fighting drug terrorism in our streets! SEE MSNBC on opium in Afghanistan!
  • Pakistan is having second thoughts about their commitment to fighting the Islamic Fascists as evidenced by the recent news even if they are putting a spin on some of their statements.
  • By putting us on a crusade for Democracy in the Muslim world he alienates the monarchy run states that are friendly to us.

Now in the face of a midterm election defeat, Mr. Bush states:

“You know, one way to look at it is we have to be right 100 percent of the time in order to protect this country, and they got to be right once”. See CBS News Website.

Well then if that is the case and being that it is five years after 9-11 and with control of both houses of Congress, a friendly Supreme Court and being the President, you would think that Bush would:

  • Lock down our borders.
  • Follow with a fine tooth comb all aliens who have visas and not let them disappear.
  • Worry more about Port Security instead of “portfolio security”. Instead he wants to CUT AND RUN from American operation of our own ports.
  • Inspect stored baggage in aircraft flights!
  • Check for radiation in ALL shipping containers.

This is a very dismal record. Some will say we have not been hit in five years! So what there was a long span between the first World Trade Center attack and the fatal one of 9/11. Now let’s look at some positive traits. Here I reveal myself as a NON- PC liberal.


  • The President has pushed for an Anti-Missile Defense! Tests are coming back positive. Oh I apologize to my PC friends who just love to make America vulnerable.
  • The President imprisoned Taliban terrorists in CIA prisons outside of the USA where no doubt, and I hope they received “Special incentives to talk”.
  • Bush used wire taps to get information. I would prefer a judge to review these cases but I would have no problem even if it were a Republican judge and if the reviews were done a month after the taps. The issue is what about future Presidents having this power. There must be a overview even if after the surveillance.
  • The successful invasion of Afghanistan. I give him credit for kicking ass! That’s right it makes one proud to be an American! Oh dear did I say something wrong! My only problem is that he got side tracked into Iraq and perhaps lied to us in order to show up his dad on Iraq. But we can leave it to the Democratic House of Representatives in 2007 to investigate that!

In conclusion I give Bush a dismal 33% rating in terms of National Security!

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