North Korea has nukes. She has built even more while we got side tracked in Iraq. Now she is testing ICBM’s and Iran is going into the nuclear game. Afghanistan is experiencing a rise in Taliban activity. Next door in Pakistan they are making peace with the terrorists.

(SEE Christian Science Monitor article on peace deal).

Let me raise an important question concerning North Korea and Iran! If we are to disarm North Korea and shut down Iran’s nuclear capabilities are we going to occupy both nations? I doubt it. We are equipped to deal with the problem with our superior military technology. We will use surgical strikes against their facilities and even against their economic institutions without sustained extensive occupation. Iran is Islamic! So are we going to start a crusade to spread democracy to Iran? Will we occupy their nation? Most analysts say no that it will be done by “shock and awe technology”! Well then why must we occupy Iraq especially that North Korea and Iran are FAR greater threats to our nation and we are not going to occupy them?

The issue is not fighting Islamic Fascism. The issue is the definition of the battlefield and the tools of that encounter! By the way if we are so into fighting the Islamic Fascists what about the genocide that these Islamic Fascists are waging in Sudan against the Christians?

George Bush who cut and ran from his full commitment to the National Guard in his youth now spends the lives of our brave young troops in Iraq. He worries more about small conventional warhead katusa rockets from Lebanon going 25 miles into northern Israel than the fact that North Korea has nukes already and is testing ICBM’s capable of going thousands of miles reaching our homeland. Not to mention that she could supply a nuke to terrorists. Yet Bin Laden roams the Afghan mountains and we do nothing but allow the new Afghan government to raise a bumper crop of opium!

The real threat to America is not being addressed. Bin Laden is in Afghanistan or the tribal areas of Pakistan. Our troops there need more resources not only to fight the Islamic fascists but the bumper opium crop! If we don’t destroy the Afghan opium and fight this crop and it’s supporters in the Afghan government, then we will be fighting drug terrorism in our homeland.

Our troops did not die in Afghanistan to make the world safe for Afghan opium! Bush has cut and run:

  • From his youthful duty to the National Guard!
  • From capturing Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Bush’s ego diversion to Iraq must stop.
  • From securing our borders from invasion from the south.
  • From placing “PORT SECURITY” over “portfolio security”!

The time has come for the SILENT MAJORITY – America’s great middle class (and those who aspire to be) to stand up and be counted!

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