Iraq – Iran Lovefest 2006! Pass The Afghan Opium!

The time has come to stop Bush from his policy of “cut and run” from the war on terrorism. Recently the Iraqi Prime Minister has visited Iran. You know that nice country that imprisoned our diplomats years ago and never apologized! The same Iran that wants nuclear weapons. The Iraqi Prime Minister has stated to the Iranians that Iraq will not be a part of any American – Iranian conflict. Read CNN report on visit!

Meanwhile the Taliban is rising in Afghanistan as fast as it’s fresh bumper opium crop. Yet we tie down our troops in Iraq and worry more about Katusa rockets going 25 miles into northern Israel from Lebanon than we do about North Korea, with its nukes, developing and testing ICBM’s capable of traveling thousands of miles to hit our shores!

If we do not fight these Taliban and their Al Qaeda allies in Afghanistan then we will be fighting them in our streets. If we do not fight the terrorists who have safe haven in Pakistan and the North Koreans who already have nuclear weapons then we will risk a mushroom cloud rising from our cities!

Bush has provided a remedy! Yes Afghanistan under the government we installed there has a bumper crop of opium! No doubt they will ship it to our cities and addict our youth. But so what better to enjoy then fine Afghan opium as the mushroom cloud from a terrorist nuke spreads over our cities. With our borders wide open so terrorists can flow in and capital can flow out by cut and run corporations that flee the nation that gave them support, succor and profits, why not enjoy a little Afghan opium!

I guess this is what Bush means by “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED”! The time has come to fight these Islamic fascists and their North Korean buddies. We can use “shock and awe” in Iran and North Korea. But Afghanistan needs more troops to fight the people who attacked us on 9-11 and to destroy the opium crop. Mr. Bush talks about fighting Islamic fascists yet does nothing about the genocide in the Sudan!

Bush and his fellow travelers are engaging in a failed social engineering experiment in Iraq! They are leaving our borders open while engaging in a cut and run strategy in the war on terror! Afghanistan should be where our ground forces are. North Korea and Iran can be showcases, if need be, for “shock and awe technological attacks”! Bush talks about kicking ass but is only kicking our asses not the terrorists! Time for us democrats to show him the way!

The time has come for the SILENT MAJORITY – America’s Middle Class (and those who aspire to be) to rise up and take our country back!

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