I believe the American people want our armed forces and intelligence agencies to act in both a constitutional manner and by the rules of the Geneva Convention. However in this age we could be threatened by terrorists who could nuke our cities killing hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Americans. Let me pose some questions to both the right and the left!

1. Should we deal with terrorists the same way as prisoners of war?

2. If we believed one of our cities was about to be nuked should we abide by the Geneva Convention or grant due process to a terrorist?

3. How do we identify a “terrorist” especially one who has time sensitive information and who would thus merit “special treatment”?

4. I have several conservative friends who believe that former President Clinton brought about the death of several people that were a threat to his administration. (Note I do not believe that but that is not the issue.) Well my question to them and to Republicans is, how would you like a future potential President Hillary Clinton to have the power to torture people in secret prisons? Regardless of who is the next President there will be a Democrat President again in our lifetimes so the question is very relevant to die hards conservatives like some of my friends!

5. Wouldn’t it be nice to just allow the CIA to conduct covert operations against foreign governments and terrorists as part of our foreign policy as long as the President authorized it with senior congressional members being notified?

6. Is it fair to our troops to allow them to be shot at by terrorists who do not wear military uniforms and even use Mosques, hospitals and human shields for cover?

With the above in mind might I suggest that we entertain liberal Alan Dershowitz’s idea of issuing a “Torture Warrant” in the case of a threat to our nation by terrorists.

(See CNN report on Dershowitz’s proposal)

I believe Bush is correct on his program with surveillance of overseas phone calls. I would just require that a judge be notified of all the activity being done. It would be fine if this oversight were done even AFTER the fact. The issue is not to hamper national security but to insure that this administration and FUTURE ADMINISTRATIONS do not abuse the power. I would have no problem giving the Bush’s Administration the benefit of the doubt in all requests as long as a judicial committee monitored what was going on even if after the fact.

I would hope we would not modify any of the Geneva Conventions. The trick is to only apply them to uniformed prisoners of war not to terrorists! Thus I would advise my fellow democrats that after taking the above restrictions into account you consider this axiom when dealing with terrorism in the coming elections:

Terrorism: Kick Ass or Kiss Ass! If you don’t come on strong your rhetoric smells of shit!

The American people do not like lame ducks. Thus George Bush’s cowboy speeches will appeal to the public. The problem is not the war on terrorism but rather the battle field. It should be Afghanistan not Iraq.

  • Want to fight Islamic Fascism? What about Dafar? If we don’t fight the genocide there perhaps we will end up fighting terrorism on our streets!
  • What about the Al Qaeda and their fellow travelers in Pakistan and Afghanistan?
  • What about their bumper crop of opium? If we don’t fight it there in Afghanistan we will fight the terrorism of drug addiction and drug addicts on our streets!

Here is where we Democrats can talk tough. But no instead we will have Jesse Jackson go in front of the camera and say some stupid idiotic poem. But our self induced masochism goes even further. Some elements in our party will follow up with some stupid talk about how we awful Americans are the cause of all the world’s problems.

You know the bull how we Americans are “x” percent of the global population but use up “x + y” percent of the resources. Oh Mother Goddess forgive me! Hey I am a liberal! But I am tired of guilt trips and so are the American people. Isn’t it amazing we Democrats will whine about conservation but gloat with joy as rising gas prices undermine George Bush’s poll numbers!

Lets strive to make our world better for all by helping them bring up their standards rather than lowering ours! Is it any wonder we Democrats loose elections!

The time has come for the great Silent Majority – America’s Middle Class (and those who aspire to be) to rise up and take our nation back from both the PC crowd and the Corporate Collectivists! God Bless America!

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