Man Convicted As Teen Of Rape and Murder Vindicated

Normally I am for the death penalty but here is yet another case where we can thank God the person accused was allowed to live and eventually see justice!

Jeffrey Deskovic is a living example of what can happen to American justice when we look for the “feels good” solution. You know the conservative hang em now worry about guilt latter syndrome.

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Again I generally favor the death penalty for first degree murder but Mr. Deskovic’s case shows what can happen when we place to much trust in police and equate giving that trust as a patriotic issue.

Mr. Deskovic gave a confession as a 17 year old that he raped and murdered a fellow high school classmate according to police. Yet even the DNA evidence at the time showed he was innocent. Mr. Deskovic, then seventeen, stated the confession was forced. With more advanced DNA techniques he was again cleared and the sample DNA matched another prisoner in the Federal DNA data base. This other man then confessed. Mr. Deskovic after loosing his youth and the most valuable years of his life was exonerated after sixteen years in prison.

Let me pose some questions. If confessions are proof then how can two people claim they alone did it? Remember the Ramsey – Karr Case of a few weeks back. Confessions mean shit! This isn’t some dastardly liberal conspiracy to “let the criminal go free”. Again as in the Karr case of just a few weeks back, confessions don’t prove the case. Yet conservatives would love to cut and run from the judicial rights afforded to DEFENDANTS by our Constitution. You know the very thing we are fighting for in Iraq to spread over the Muslim world.

The NY Daily News mentions that the NY State Republican candidate for Attorney General, Ms. Pirro was requested to examine Mr.Deskovic’s case earlier but declined. (Read NY Daily News Article). I pray that Mr. Deskovic sues like crazy and wins a large amount for the pain and injustice he has suffered.

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