Senator Judd Gregg Versus The Middle Class

I heard a segment of Senator Judd Gregg’s interview on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell show. He laid out some plans to punish people who are overweight and engage in unhealthy behaviors in terms of health insurance costs. I guess he would support the removal of Trans-fatty acids in fast foods!

After all when hard pressed and overworked middle class Americans have to grab a fast meal while working shouldn’t they have “Freedom” from trans-fatty acids? What about freedom from nicotine addiction to cancer producing cigarettes?

Yet Senator Gregg’s Party and some Democrats want to subsidize the addiction of Middle Class Americans while he and his fellow travelers  whine about the “transfer of wealth”! This is the typical Republican tactic of setting middle class Americans against each other. He said he wants to put “politics aside”.

Well here is an idea Senator Gregg!

How about not only stopping tobacco subsidiaries but also outlawing tobacco production all together! Yet these same folks will block the medical use of marijuana! Oh but then a lot of members of Congress wouldn’t get their cancer stick payoffs! Below we see Republican Congress Minority Leader John Boehner talking his way out of an embarrassing situation. He was giving out checks from the Tobacco lobby while on the House floor! (See Video below).

Well now Senator Gregg how can you stand by while these corporations profit from making Americans into nicotine addicts and subjecting them to cancer? Dear reader do you realize that now under the recent Supreme Court’s decision I can be charged with attempted murder? That’s right my friends because now corporations are persons! I am advocating killing “persons” and my sin stands right before you in print on your web browser screen!

So Senator Gregg are you and your fellow travelers in the Republican Party going to have me arrested for advocating the murder of “persons”! How many more Americans will die of lung cancer while you and your fellow travelers whine about “Death Panels” yet continue to finance these corporations addicting Middle Class Americans to cancer sticks?

As I have said before on this blog:

Restricting Government regulation does not translate into a rise in “Individual Freedom”. When the referee is removed from the game of life the BULLY fills the vacuum! Corporations can be bullies! Worse yet we are changing from a system of one person = one vote to a system whereby one dollar = one vote!

The above video was before the recent Supreme Court decision!

Make no mistake about it these people place their class interests over their interests as Americans! Just look at how our jobs, wealth produced from this society and technology have been shipped out of America! Often to the enemies of America! This results in a loss of Individual Freedom for Middle Class Americans! They tear down the American Flag from their ships to hoist the flags of third world nations all in their pursuit of profits and the transfer of wealth away from the American Middle Class! When will this era of licentious permissiveness come to an end! Where is the respect and responsibility to the nation that gave these people their birth, protection, education and yes profits? When will they stop their singing of the “Corporate Collectivist Globalization Internationale”!

We cannot allow this to continue. President Obama, this is not the hope and change that we can believe it! The Silent Majority must stand up and take our nation back from these effete snobs of privilege!

I did find some of Senator Greggs statment concerning the stimulus bill to be interesting. I agree that it was not targeted enough. I disagree that we need to return to the policies of Bush that gave us this crisis!

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