California Insurance Costs Skyrocket – It’s Called Freedom

First a question for Republicans! How is all that Corporate Free Marketie de-regulation thingy working out for ya! Huh?  (Wink).

When will Americans ever learn that a decrease in Government Regulation does not translate into an increase in individual freedom! Instead a vacuum is created for the bully to take away the freedom of individual Americans! Just look at the recent insurance increases in California!

We need more regulation and a strong public option! Yet the bleeding hearts in the Republican Party would make you believe that the freedom of the corporation is the freedom of the individual! Now hard working Americans will have to pay more of their income and reduce their leisure time to serve the deep pockets and extended leisure of our social betters! This is not freedom!

Just look at how the effete snobs of privilege are taking away Individual Freedom from the Silent Majority – our great Middle Class!

  • They whine that corporations are people and should be able to tax me every time I fill up my car with gas to support the political agenda of Big Oil!
  • They have no problem taxing me when I pay my insurance premiums to finance the political agenda of my social betters who own the insurance company! (We would not want their stock holders to stick their hands into their deep pockets to finance their K – Street Agenda).
  • They send our jobs, capital and technology overseas, frequently to the enemies of America, while they make a profit and the nation that spawned these parasites suffers from their profit! The Republicans have a name for this! They call it “Freedom”.  They use a sophistry of lexicon to conceal their agenda! That agenda being the transfer of wealth from the producers, our great Middle Class, to the few at the top!

Sarah Palin and her fellow travelers lie to the American people accusing Democrats of wanting to establish “Death Panels”! They actually called Obama an “elitist”. Rather than face their own psychological defense mechanisms of “reaction formation” and “projection”! They refuse to own the fact that it is they who are the elitists! Look at this mob of fools who follow them called the “Tea Party Movement”! We need a liberal version of the Tea Party Movement. When a corporation can tax me against my will to support their corporatist agenda that constitutes “Taxation without representation”! Why don’t the Tea Party folks see that?

When are Democrats going to get some testosterone and go on the attack? We need to be as aggressive as Spiro Agnew was for the Republicans. He would attack the news media for being pro-liberal. Well I say we should attack the news media for being far too pro-conservative! I am not simply talking about Fox News. Why did the News Media let Bush get away with leading our troops into war and being against Gays serving in the military when Gays were doing something that George Bush did not want to do! That is to finish his mandatory military obligation! The news media barely touched the issue of Sarah Palin and the Alaskan Independence Party!

What is the Democratic Party reply to the media not pursuing these stories? One word, “MEOW”! Now with health care and other reforms this word has become the pathetic mantra of these castrati Democrats, “MEOW…MEOW”! To be fair to the news media, I guess they did not want to stick their necks out since the only sound that came from Democrats was the pathetic wimpy whine of “MEOW….MEOW”!

The health insurance rate increase in California by Anthem’s Blue Cross should be a lesson to those who believe that to decrease the power of Government Regulation means to increase Individual Freedom! No it means power to the bully! This is the new Republican America! Power to the Corporate Collective! We live to serve our social betters! Our jobs, our health, our lives are mere pawns to the Corporate Collectivists! Time to stand up for America and declare corporations are not people! Time to take our jobs back from being shipped overseas both blue collar and white collar jobs. Many don’t understand that it is not just blue collar jobs but computer programming jobs and soon other white collar jobs will be shipped overseas! All the while we are told that it is our fault. That we are to compete with slave labor while these effete snobs of privilege transfer our dreams to themselves!

We are to be compensated for our work and labor (both blue collar and white collar) by competing with slave labor while our social betters are to be compensated for their leisure time investing with maximum profits! Yes this is “Individual Freedom” Republican Style.

Imagine if we Democrats had used the pompous language of “watering the tree of liberty with blood” as Michele Bachmann and her other Tea Party nuts had done! The Silent Majority has had enough!

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