Well gang it seemed that sly George was about to pull off another Republican win, by changing the national focus from his failure in Iraq and the war on terrorism, to instead making Americans fear that Gays where about to molest our youth and wean them down the road of homosexuality. Sly George who cut and ran from his obligation to attend National Guard drills as a youth and pointed the finger at Democrats, calling us the “party of fear”, now has his own scandal in the Foley incident.

If the Republicans are so hell fire bent on protecting the family why not out law divorce? What about covering all American families with some form of health insurance? No George Bush wants to play the politics of fear then engage in the psychological defense mechanisms of reaction formation and projection. That is to say accusing others of fear mongering while that is one of his own political strategies! 

Meanwhile America’s middle class voters have seen their jobs out sourced to third world nations and foreign h1b guest workers undermining the computer technology job market. Our interest rates are rising because Bush continues the war in Iraq yet North Korea is developing nuclear weapons and the means of delivering them.

Yet George Bush and his fellow travelers whine that the rich pay to much in taxes. Oh these bleeding hearts of the right wing whine and rant about allowing our free market to set prices. Yet they have no problem using “government intervention” to allow foreign h1b guest workers undermine the wage scale in the information technology employment market. Then they wonder why Americans do not want to take the more difficult technology courses in college! Is it any wonder why “Atlas Shrugged” to use their terminology?

This is the party that now asks for your vote this November! Please Dear God just make Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton shut their mouths for the next month so we can win big in this election.

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