Bush’s Psychological Operations Election Strategy

George Bush knowing that his party faces defeat in the midterm elections first tried to use the fear tactic of Gays attacking the American family. But his attempt at “paging” the family values issue fell with the Foley scandal. Now Bush and his fellow travelers are trying to play the “terrorist card”. This from the President who five years after 9-11 has still not secured our borders and wanted to turn over major port operations to the United Arab Emirates.

But democrats may fall into his gambit. The correct response to Bush’s use of the “terrorist card” is not to say we are secure but rather to point out how Bush has made us more insecure with his failure at our nation’s border, ports and yes even airports. I suggest the following axiom:

Terrorism: Kick ass or Kiss Ass. If you don’t come on strong your rhetoric smells of shit!

While we engage in George Bush’s “social engineering experiments” in Iraq, the Afghans are producing the world’s largest opium crop. If we don’t fight this crop in Afghanistan we will fight drug terrorism on our streets. Our elderly will become imprisoned in their homes while our youth become addicts with the money going to finance terrorists and their potential purchase of NUCLEAR WEAPONS from North Korea. The very same North Korea that Mr. Bush has drawn lines in the sand only to have Kim il Sung cross over repeatedly.

Rather than nambly pamby the terrorist issue we Democrats should shove it up Bush’s ass! Then add how his social engineering experiment has cost America dearly. We must not allow the masochists in our party to whine that America is the cause of the world’s problems! The Democratic Party must stand up for the Middle Class and those who aspire to be Middle Class!

We must drive a wedge between the elite of corporate lobbyist America and the middle class! The time for hesitancy is over! But never under estimate the Jessie Jackson’s and Al Sharpton’s of our party to go on a masochistic binge to defeat our party! The time has come for the Silent Majority – America’s Middle Class to stand up and be counted! Our jobs are being sent overseas to China as our the capital that was created in this nation. We in the Middle Class are being left out.

While the masochistic left whines how we Americans are the cause of all the world’s problems and prostrates to the enemies of freedom in Red China the Republicans take a different view. They don’t prostrate to the enemies of freedom they instead see this as a great opportunity to INVEST and make a buck in building up the enemies of freedom! These “cut and run” capitalists now divest themselves of their American identity to become multinational corporations. Spurning the nation and society that gave them succor, substance and profits! Our jobs go overseas and H1b guest technology workers are imported to lower the pay scale of American technology employees.

But when the next cold war starts guess who will be there to make a profit? These very same CUT AND RUN CORPUBLICAN$ will now drop their identity as “Multi-national Corporations” but return to the American fold to make a buck! The time has come for the Middle Class to stand up!

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