John Kerry Did Not Make Fun Of Our Troops

For the life of me I could never figure out why Senator John Kerry let the Republicans smear him in the last presidential election concerning his war record. But then again he was not my first choice to be the Democratic Party standard bearer. Howard Dean was my favorite but due to the news media bias against him after the “scream thing” he was denied the creditability to present his case by the news media bias against him. God imagine if it were a Republican all the “news media bias” horse shit we would have had to endure.

Anyway back to the Kerry fiasco. His words were not carefully chosen especially considering the way Republicans will use them and he should have weighed his words more carefully as we are not in the 1960’w with the draft, which was what his humor was referring to. But wasn’t he really making fun of our troops? No I don’t believe that at all. I fully understand he was not making fun of our troops. Why?

Unlike George Bush and his fellow travelers Dick Chenney, Donald Rumsfield and Rush Limbaugh, Kerry was a war veteran! Chenney and Rumsfeld never served and Bush did a “CUT AND RUN” from attending his legally mandated National Guard meetings.

Yet the news media never confronts Bush. Oh occasionally they air his old college professor who tells how Bush bragged he got out of serving.

I asked this before and now I will ask this again on this blog.

QUESTION: What is similar to Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction and why?

ANSWER: George Bush’s service record in the National Guard. Like Iraqi WMD neither can be found!

In this era of licentious permissiveness corporations and their fellow travellers CUT AND RUN from their American identity. These pampered effete snobs of Corporate America now change their identity to “Multinational Corporations”, divesting themselves of the nation and society that gave them incorporation, succor and profits! The time has come for the Silent Majority – America’s Middle Class (and those who aspire to be) to rise up and take our nation back! VOTE DEMOCRATIC and take our country back from these effete snobs who send our troops to die in Iraq for their failed social engineering experiments while the war on terror is sidetracked from Afghanistan to Iraq instead.

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