Victory For Democrats – Let’s Make It A Victory For The Middle Class

Today I watched as both George Bush and Nancy Pelosi pledged bi-partisan cooperation. Actually we all know this is pro-forma due to the situation. Our constitution also demands checks and balances. For the democrats to not use their soon to be acquired subpoena power would be a dereliction of duty.

The American people want to know:

· If the decision to go to war was arrived at by legitimate means and motivations.

· How are American tax dollars being spent in Iraq and are they being spent in the manner they are supposed to be used.

· What do the generals believe about the situation and we need this information under oath.

What we need is a “Contract With The Middle Class”. The American people are tired of:

  • “Cut and Run Capitalists” who send our jobs overseas and who invest in the enemies of freedom such as communist China. Meanwhile our trade deficit grows while their stock portfolios’ grow fat.
  • Free Trade. We need Fair Trade instead.
  • Lack of Universal Health Care. If this nation can run half way across the world and engage in Republican Party social engineering experiments in Iraq then we should be able to give our citizens universal health care.
  • Our ports, borders and airports being open to terrorists entry while Afganistan raises 92% of the world’s opium crop. What Bush and his fellow travelers don’t seem to realize is that if we don’t fight and win against the terrorists in Afghanistan and in enclaves in Pakistan then with our open borders and ports we will be fighting the terrorists in our cities along with Afghan opium! This very same opium’s sale could be used to finance the terrorists in acquiring WMD.
  • The wealthy making out while the Middle Class (and those who aspire to be) not being able to afford to send their children to college.
  • K- Street corrupting the political decision process in our government!

The time has come for the SILENT MAJORITY – America’s great middle class (and those who aspire to be) to demand that Congress protect our interest against the interests of the rich.

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