George Bush’s Role Model For Educating Iraq On Democracy: An Inner City Classroom Run By Liberal School Administrators!

First I do not believe we should be involved in nation building in Iraq. Remember the old notion of the “prime directive” in the series Star Trek? Well just look at the results of pushing democracy prematurely on a society.

  • First we have Iran where we stood by and let the Shah get overthrown.
  • Next we have Palestine with Hamas now in charge after elections.

While I am a democrat I have pledged that this blog would be a search for the truth no matter where that leads me. I believe we have to set aside conservative – liberal ways of looking at the world. Life gives us more than just two choices. For years we in the middle class have been the hostage of both the democrats and republicans. Let me now present to you some very different ideas concerning Iraq.

Assuming you want to not merely overthrow Saddam but also (and I differ here) commit to nation building in Iraq and thus violate the “prime directive”. What should be your role model for educating Iraqi Society on democracy?

If you are going to set up a “classroom” environment then you MUST make the commitment to treat the occupation of Iraq the same as the occupation of Germany, Italy and Japan. We are the boss you are the student now lets get to work!

Instead Bush made two mistakes: He made the decision to stay in Iraq after no WMD were found. Second, he did not make the commitment to take total charge of the “learning experience” for our Iraqi students.

He treated them to an American inner city classroom experience. No discipline and no order. Bullies run through the school along with drugs. Can you imagine Germany after World War II with partisan militias being allowed to operate freely in the streets?

We hear from some that we must be tough on the new Iraqi government to crack down on the militias! WRONG we should never have allowed these militias to come into existence in the first place! It was our responsibility to set up the learning environment for democracy. Instead we thought our Iraqi students how to provide lip service to education. George Bush can consider a career as an inner city liberal high school administrator after leaving the Presidency!

Bush and his fellow travelers need to learn the lessons of history. Before engaging in this overseas social engineering experiment our government should have made clear goals and taken a self assessment of our strengths and weaknesses. We are great at “shock and awe” but really don’t want to get into nation building unless really needed. Now we have lost the “deterrent” effect of our shock and awe capability as I illustrated in a prior post. Geo-political struggle is not simply brute force vs. brute force. From the days of Alexander The Great generals knew their resources and choose their “battle fields”. Might I suggest Darfur if we want to fight Islamic Fascism Mr. President?

Bush and his fellow travelers did this wrongful occupation on the cheap in order to not cause concerns about a new Vietnam. In the process they have switched occupation role models from post war Germany to Vietnam.

They have switched from creating a solid learning environment for democracy to the liberal role model of an inner city school where bullies, drugs and hopelessness are the result. Oh did I say something wrong? Bush has created the very thing he did not want to create because he closed his eyes. Meanwhile our “other” student that is to say Afghanistan is doing just fine! Lacking the full resources that have been diverted to Iraq instead Afghan opium production is up to 92% of the world’s total.

We can all take great pride Bush is using an American inner city liberal run high school as a role model on a societal level for his “school of democracy”! Great job Mr. President ranks right next to the fantastic job you have done with port security and our nation’s secure borders. The same borders that allow free trade rather than fair trade as America’s middle class sees it’s high paying jobs go out the window. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

The time has come for the SILENT MAJORITY – America’s great middle class (and those who aspire to be) to take our government back.

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