John Murtha: Just Say NO!

Thank God Murtha has lost his bid to become majority leader for the House Democrats. What the hell was Nancy Pelosi thinking when she nominated him. I saw the video on TV of him in the FBI probe. While I did not believe he committed a crime he damn well came close to the edge. Ok that was 26 years ago so I was ready to forgive. Also he did refuse the bribe but did say “at this time”. My only justification for that is that I might say the same thing to put the people who offered the bride off guard until I left and could contact the proper authorities.

But then again I would contact the proper authorities and arrange to GO BACK as an FBI plant. If he had done so, regardless that the whole thing was an undercover sting, he would have emerged as a hero.

But alas this is not what happened. Ok maybe he just wanted to refuse the bride but not get into going back as an FBI plant. He could have been afraid and just wanted to refuse the bribe but no go all the way and fight the bribers being a freshman congressman at the time. It also has been 26 years. But then he just made a statement that ethics reform is “krap”.

With that I have lost all faith in him. Our nation must remove the corrupting influence of lobbyists from our political process and I don’t care which party that hurts. I am a non-PC Democrat. But an American first.

The time has come for all Democrats (and Republicans) to stand up and place America’s values first.

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