It’s Bush’s Fault Not The Iraqi Government’s

Well now that George Bush has seen the results of his Iraqi strategy on the once Republican controlled Congress he is trying to find an exit strategy for his own ego. Seems like we have been hearing a chorus of “blame the Iraqi’s” since they have not controlled the militias. This is pure nonsense! Why were those militias allowed to form in the first place? So they could have the Muslim equivalent of street corner Bible study?

Again I repeat from my prior posts, imagine Germany after her defeat in World War II and if we allowed militias to form? The fact is:

  • We NEVER had enough troops for the occupation.
  • We allowed the militias to form and remain! It is our responsibility for this problem.
  • We never did an honest evaluation of our strengths and weaknesses. We are good at high tech “shock and awe”. But we don’t want to commit high troop levels for an occupation unless it is in our national interest. Making such a commitment would require a huge increase in the military budget and perhaps a draft!
  • Finally if such an occupation commitment were valid and militias still formed, the solution is simply to place the militia leaders against a wall and shoot them. If we don’t have the stomach to do that then we should never have made the commitment to stay and engage in this neo-con “social engineering experiment”. Oh dear did I offend both the conservatives and liberal PC crowd?

Another reason there is so much turmoil in Iraq is that the Iraqi’s borders have not been secured. But then again what can you expect from George Bush who allows our borders to be wide open and wanted to give our port security over to the United Arab Emirates!

General Abizaid has stated that while we could send an additional 20,000 troops to Iraq we cannot sustain this in the long term as our military resources are being strained. Then why may I ask are staying in Iraq? We beat up Sadamn and enjoyed the endless reruns on the cable channels of our military blitzkrieg. If we had then left it would be a lesson for the more dangerous villains like Iran and North Korea. Now by being dragged down into this occupation our “threat creditability” has been destroyed. No doubt the glorious democratic nations of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates are all behind us to establish a democracy in Iraq.

No nation is omnipotent. We are good at “shock and awe”. Better to use our technology to validly determine if the WMD threat is real before we go to war. Then use our military technology to destroy the economies of enemies rather then get into a protracted occupation. That is unless such an occupation is in the real national interest of the United States. In that case harsh methods must be used and that is an “inconvient truth” the PC crowd will have to face.

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